A sinus infection is a common condition affecting 31 million people in the US each year. This infection usually occurs when the person has a deviated septum. This means the septum wall inside the nose is crooked and block air to pass through making it difficult to breathe whilst causing your sinuses and nasal passage to become inflamed.

It affects various people, but still, they live with it. The reason being the treatment for this condition is a surgical one and people fear the side effects. However, the side effects are not severe if done by an experienced practitioner and recovery time is also minimal.

There are also various treatment methods available and the one we are going to talk about here is sinusitis treatment Santa Monica, also known as septorhinoplasty.

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What is Septorhinoplasty?

Septorhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical fix both for your nose (rhinoplasty) and your nasal septum (septoplasty). People who have a deviated septum may need septorhinoplasty.  The nasal septum is the narrow wall of tissue that separates both the nostrils. A deviated septum is where the wall inside the nose is crooked and blocks the air to pass through. Septorhinoplasty adjusts the alignment of your septum to improve airflow through your nose and help relieve congestion in your nose. And this little arrangement in the nose provides an improved breathing function and increased quality of life. You may also need this surgery if your nose is misshaped due to an injury or to correct problems from previous nose surgery. People who are not happy with the appearance of their nose may also have this surgery.

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How It Works?

Septorhinoplasty procedure is performed by a trained and certified aesthetician under local anesthesia. The trained aesthetician will use a thin and lighted tool to look at your nasal passage to identify the shape of your septum and then make an incision accordingly. If the remodeling is simple enough, the aesthetician will be able to reposition the septum without needing to move it. Otherwise, the aesthetician will have to remove the septum, straighten it up and place it back within the nose. After that, the surgeon will suture the nose up. After the procedure, an external cast will be placed on your nose, which will be removed less than a week after.

Septorhinoplasty procedure takes about 60 to 90 minutes to complete depending on the treated condition and scope of the treatment.


How to Prepare for the Procedure

Before septorhinoplasty procedure, your aesthetician will advise you to stop taking certain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, anti-inflammatory drugs, and other blood thinners to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding. You are also advised to stop smoking and drink alcohol. Also, don’t eat or drink anything after midnight the night before the procedure as the procedure requires you to undergo general anesthesia.

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Recovery Time

The recovery time for septorhinoplasty is much less than rhinoplasty. There is no bruising or swelling on the outside of the nose because the operation is performed through the nostrils in the back of the nose without breaking nasal bones. There is also no packing placed inside the nose. However, you will feel a little discomfort as the patients are unable to breathe out of their nose due to the swelling and numbness. Some patients may also have splints inside the nose to hold the tissues in place after the procedure. This may lead to discomfort during your post-op period.

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Patients are generally able to go back to work within seven days after the procedure or when the external cast and stitches are removed.

Side Effects

All surgeries come with some complications and side effects based on your general health and the severity of your condition. Typically, there are very few side effects of septorhinoplasty which dissipate on their own. These include temporary numbness, surgical scar, discoloration, bleeding, infection, and dryness.

These are a few things you need to know about septorhinoplasty and if you are looking to get the best sinusitis treatment Santa Monica, you can count on Westside Face. They have friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced staff to satisfy all of your needs. Contact the experts today for the sinusitis treatment Santa Monica.