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Generally, most of the time, the common cause of heel inflammation or heel pain is nothing else but plantar fasciitis. It is a very common issue, found in all the athletes who are engaged in some form of sports or other physical activities. Seeking assistance from a professional doctor is an ideal choice. However, one can also treat it with one’s DIY. And for that, the constant use of gymnastics heel cups is a must that can reduce the pain considerably.

What are the types of heel cups available?

Whenever you buy a heel cup for your feet, you are likely to encounter two of these things. One is a heel cup, and the other one is a full-length insole. Most people do not understand the difference between the two and end up getting the wrong ones. Here we have listed down some of the benefits of both to help you decide which one to choose.

Benefits of gymnastic heel cups

Foot gymnastics are nothing but a sort of games designed to strengthen the muscles of the feet and other parts of the leg. Some barefoot activities are extremely helpful for kids who might be suffering from flat feet or other injuries in their musculoskeletal system and even for adults who have foot pain or other problems. One should wear gymnastic heel cups when there is sharp or acute pain, which can intervene when working. Some of the benefits of heel cups are as follows:

  •         It helps treat all types of foot problems ranging from minor injuries to plantar fasciitis or other similar severe injuries.
  •         It helps in the prevention of ankle sprain as well as any abnormal gait if any.
  •         One can also treat one’s bunions and high arch foot problems with these heel cups.
  •         People suffering from arthritis are advised to wear heel cups to reduce pain.
  •         One can also treat Achilles tendonitis with the help of these cups.
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It is the doctor’s most recommended choice for treating all types of issues related to feet, heels, or ankles.

Benefits of full-length insoles

These specific insoles are designed in such a way to treat plantar fasciitis. It is specially designed to give extra cushioning and in supporting the heels. Some of the advantages of full-length insoles are:

  • It helps in the absorption of shocks and also helps in even distribution of pressure on the feet
  • It is a good fix to reduce pain for people suffering from pain in the arch of the foot
  • It has a built-in, or you could say a default heel cushion that prevents people from slipping
  • Most of the heel insoles come with a heel wedge, which is inclined to certain degrees. It helps to prevent over-pronation that can significantly reduce the stress of the feet
  • One can get the insole designed as per one’s need making it comfortable to use.

One can go over the benefits as mentioned earlier of the heel cups and insoles and then decide for themselves which one to choose.