Nowadays, in India, people are becoming image conscious and are caring about their looks. They are getting aware of hair loss treatments and other aesthetics. Especially in Delhi, the trend of hair transplant surgery is growing as people are suffering from baldness due to pollution, genetic problems and stress issues. Hair transplant in Delhi is getting its recognition in conducting successful hair restoration surgeries and has carved a niche in the hair care industry.

When you are tired of doing every hair loss treatment, tired of looking in the mirror with anguish, sorrow and disbelief, Hair transplant is the only way to have your beloved hair back.

Baldness is a major concern for many in this world and hair transplant is the common method to treat this baldness. Even the market for hair restoration surgery has presented themselves very well to make you go for a surgical way to treat hair loss.

But you should know these 3 fundamental things about hair transplant before you blindly step in this abyss:


How your hair transplant will be done will be decided by which technique is suitable for you. People research about hair transplant, they get to know about different techniques and they directly go to the doctor demanding that they want to do hair transplant using that particular technique.                                But here’s the real deal,                                                                                                                                                You can’t choose the technique on your own. You must first consult a proper hair specialist, then according to your condition, he will suggest you the technique to go with.                                                         

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So, you should know these 2 basic techniques of hair transplant:

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

This technique is performed by taking a strip of skin from the back of the scalp then separating each graft one by one. Hair graft is a group of one or four hair.

Then these grafts are implanted on the bald region after making incisions. 

The scalp from where the strip is extracted is sewed. Hence, it takes time to heal.

This technique is the oldest one and leaves a linear scar at the back of the scalp.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

In this technique, each hair graft is extracted one by one either manually, by using NeoGraft tool or a Robotic system.

Then same as FUT technique, each graft is inserted in the holes which were made prior.

This technique is not painful and you heal faster as the entire hair strip is not extracted here.

There are other methods like DHI technique where the extraction is similar to FUE but the implantation of hair is done directly using a patented implanter. Still, you should at least know the above two techniques.


Yes, you saw it right there 3 basic conditions to observe before opting for hair restoration surgery. 

Here they are:

  1. Age should be above 25: Some people go for hair transplant at 20 or 21 but the ideal age is 25 and above.
  2. Diagnosed with male pattern baldness for men and female pattern baldness for women: Male pattern baldness is the condition where men either suffer from receding hairline or lose hair in the crown area. For females, traction alopecia is the ideal condition for hair transplant. Traction alopecia causes due to the pulling force which is applied for tying your hair or hairstyles.
  3. Enough donor hair should be there to cater your baldness: Donor hair is the term given to the hair which is implanted in the bald area extracted from the donor area (usually back of the scalp).
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There should be enough donor hair on the body to achieve the desired look. If the person is completely or almost bald then it is impossible to perform a hair restoration surgery.

There are other conditions but those will be informed by your dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon according to the requirement. 


The cost of a hair transplant is a must-know thing to be acquainted with. But nobody can tell you the exact cost except your doctor after consultation. However, you should know the main factors affecting the cost of hair transplant:

  • Experience of the Doctor
  • Technique suitable for your condition
  • Clinic to clinic
  • Number of sessions
  • The number of grafts to be implanted.

Now, always keep these 3 things in your mind and get a thorough consultation with a doctor before having any preconceived notion about hair transplant.