Maximizing Bodily Health In Multiple Areas

The human body is a finely-tuned machine that runs from four-dimensional code. DNA is that code, and it is “four-dimensional” because it is physically expressed in three dimensions, making it defined by “time”. DNA is a physical thing. Meanwhile, binary code, like that which resulted in the digital device you’re reading this on, is two-dimensional.

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Binary is almost doubly two-dimensional because it’s only ones and zeroes. However, it’s written down; it’s abstract—you don’t have units you can hold onto. DNA is made of four specific components which are designated C, T, G, and A. In varying combinations physically represented, these substances “code” human functionality.

Your cells build DNA, and so keep your bodily machine running from the microscopic level to that we see with the naked eye. Now, your DNA “strands” have something called telomerase on their ends. “Telomeres” keep DNA strands together much like tape holds the ends of a shoelace together. As we age, and experience stress, we lose telomerase, and our DNA breaks down.

In order to reduce this aging process, which incidentally reduces our ability to retain our health as we once did, it’s absolutely integral to eat right, exercise properly, and think the right thoughts. The mind affects the body, and vice versa. It is well known that physical health can be a key factor in mental health.


Physical Health Is Very Important

If you’re not physically active, it will make you sluggish mentally. Those who work out regularly find they have a more clear head during the day as a result. Those who don’t may find “brain fog”. But additionally, sometimes congenital defects like a cleft palate can initiate psychological issues like depression, or poor self-esteem.

In such situations, a simple surgery could fix the issue physically, and so help the mind additionally overcome the difficulty. Many don’t realize it, but there are psychological benefits to cosmetic surgery. These benefits are more than merely the positive feelings that come from a nose job or some other vanity option. Good health may require cosmetic surgery.

Something else to consider is what you put into your body. Because our DNA is organic, and actually exists in a physical sense which can be manipulated, it’s absolutely essential to give the cells managing that DNA proper fuel. You need to eat foods that are healthy, organic, and in proper portions.

If you just drink milk all day, that’s going to put your body out of alignment and lead to medical conditions. If you just eat meat, or just eat grain, or just eat salad, similar things will happen. For most people, a well-rounded diet is necessary; and you want to think about more than just your tastebuds or stomach. You want to think about your very bones.

Eat Right, Think Right, Exercise Right, Maintain Health

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Certain foods can help your skeletal structure retain strength. Though there are options in terms of modern bone practitioners through groups like Barnegat Orthopedic Surgery, you can keep yourself strong enough to avoid needing such help if you properly “fuel” yourself. The bone marrow in meat, and bone broth like that in Vietnamese “Pho”, are good options here.

If you’re going to be healthy, you’ve got to consider what you eat, and you’ve got to consider how your mind is functioning. You also have to keep yourself physically active, because this will help keep your mind clear, and will help you naturally seek proper nutrition.

Better workouts come from better “fuel”. Conscientiously manage these aspects of your health, and you will keep your DNA positioned for fullest flourish, so maintaining youthful health well into advanced age.