Anything that injures our feet affects our ability to move swiftly and affects our performance as well. Orthotics, otherwise commonly known as foot insoles are becoming increasingly popular to lower back pain relief and improving overall foot care.

There are a number of bones which are interrelated to bring about swift and agile movement, and also to help support a good posture. Those bones include the spine, the metatarsals, the long bones, the joints at the knee and at the ankle, and even the hip bones. Muscles and ligaments are also important to movement in the feet. Any injury to these bones and muscles and tissue can cause great pain and discomfort in many different ways.

Orthotic foot insoles are shoe inserts that provide many benefits for your feet. Below is a compilation of these benefits.

  1. Distribute Impact

An average person takes between 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day (or should, for health benefits). Overpronators land on the inside of their feet when walking and running, placing stress on the feet, knees and ankles, and through to your lower back. Orthotics for the feet help to spread impact stress evenly when running or walking, to avoid decentralized weight distribution and shocks to the lower back. Our spine aligners come as foot insoles that can be slipped into your shoes to give great arch support for proper central alignment and balance when landing on feet.

  1. Relief From Pain

Unevenly localized impact stress on the feet in overpronators is a sign of a postural defect and, unattended to, can deal shocks to the spine which cause aches and pain in the lower back. Our spine aligners relieve the pain in the lower back by realigning the feet and the spine. In this way, our arch support technology provides better comfort and greater cushion effect when landing on the feet. The pain in the lower back decreases tremendously when the feet are thus guided to land properly, and the wearer will also notice that movement is normal and easy again.

  1. Eliminates Cost Of Surgery
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Pain in the feet, in the calf muscles, in the ankles and knees, and in the lower back can become progressive and grow extreme to the point that corrective surgery will be required as the only remedy. But this need not be the case. Prescription or custom orthotics offer a less costly, preventative way to remedy the situation. The idea is to treat the cause of the pain using custom designed foot insoles with unique arch support. This technology painlessly absorbs shocks, relieves inflammations and realign the feet and spine. It saves you money you would’ve spent on expensive corrective surgery.

  1. Increases Blood Flow

Overpronation and poor feet and spine alignment cuts off blood supply to certain parts of your feet, particularly beginning from the arches of the feet and translating all the way to the lower back. Poor blood circulation in the feet happen when uneven weight bearing causes some blood vessels and arteries to become narrow or squeezed or to stiffen. This can cause great discomfort. Our spine aligners and orthotic foot insoles provide customized arch support that help to restore the blood flow to every part of your feet and prevent cramps from terrible arterial diseases.

  1. Enhanced Performance

Balance is essential for optimal performance. Therefore, our foot insoles are deliberately designed to counter anatomical posture defects. The risk of injury to the metatarsal joints, the ankle bones, the shin and the lower back during physical activity is greatly reduced. A better sense of balance makes you feel more confident in yourself and drives you to give your best performance at all times. You instantly recover your lurch and your leap with our customized foot insoles because they provide a cushion for your feet to fall on and lift up from.

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For more information on Foot insoles, check out the Spine Aligners by BackPainHelp. Designed with the London Spine Clinic, the foot insoles relieve postural aches and pains in the lower back caused by overpronation.

Orthotic foot insoles