foot problemsThe feet play an important role of carrying our weight as we move around. For this purpose to be carried out impeccably, then it is important that the feet are taken care of properly.

Foot problems are bound to occur every now and then due to the pressure exerted on the feet by the force exerted due to your weight, care taken on the feet, the shoes and socks worn and exposure to diseases that may trigger such problems.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the most common foot problems affecting many people today and how you can alleviate them.


Bunions occur when bumps occur on the joints of the bones of the big toe. This causes the bone to curve outwards which leads to the toe curving inwards to point to the other toes.

They are caused by wearing very narrow shoes, diseases like Arthritis and heredity. Bunions can become painful if you are suffering from Arthritis or when you wear narrow pointed shoes which cause excessive pressure on the Bunions.

To cater for painful bunions, painkillers can be used. If the Bunions get really out of hand then surgery can be performed to put the joints back in place.

To fix Bunions one should wear shoes that are properly fitting. Use of insoles (Orthotics) and Bunion pads are other ways of alleviating Bunions. Bunions may also occur in children for those people with very highly flexible joints.

Athlete Foot

It is a fungal infection of the feet which occurs mostly in between the toes and under the feet. This is because the fungi responsible for this infection thrive well in moist and warm places.

Athlete’s foot can be spread from one person. If you touch infected parts of the feet of another person or when you walk barefoot on infected surfaces then you are prone to getting the infection. The infection causes irritation, itchiness, bad odor, cracks and peeling skin.

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To take care of Athletes foot infection you should keep your feet clean and dry always. Make sure that you thoroughly wipe in between and below the toes.

Wear shoes that are breathable and fitting. Avoid wearing nylon socks. Ensure that your socks are breathable and absorb sweat. You can also use antifungal creams and lotions that are available over the counter. Ensure that you have sandals on when walking in public places like swimming pool areas and locker rooms.

Hammer Toes

It is a condition in which the toes are bent at the joints causing the joints to stick out rather than be straight. The toes, therefore, acquire a claw-like stance. It mostly affects the smaller toes.

Hammertoes can either be flexible or rigid depending on the ability of the toe to move at the joints. They are caused by wearing tight fitting shoes, Arthritis, imbalanced muscles and old age. Since the joints point upwards then there is increased friction which may make you susceptible to getting corns and calluses.

Hammer toes can be fixed by wearing properly fitting shoes and socks. Avoid wearing high heeled shoes and wear the right shoes for the right job.

There are hammertoe pads that are well lined which you can place on the toes to avoid excess pressure on the toes. Toe exercises and regular massages of the toes will help to maintain proper blood flow and alleviate the pain.

When the hammertoes are severe, then surgery can be performed to align the bones of the toes to the proper positions.

Cones and Calluses

They are hard patches of skin which form on various parts of the feet. The hard patches of the skin could become painful than the other parts especially with continued pressure on them.

They occur in areas where the feet are exposed to high pressure and friction. Cones occur on the upper part of the toes. Calluses occur below or on the sides of the feet especially on the heels, sides and under the balls of the feet. Calluses are usually larger than cones.

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People who put excess pressure on the feet like athletes and sportsmen are susceptible to get cones and calluses. Also if you have hammertoes that cause the toe joints to stick out, then the cones will most likely occur on the exposed joints.

To fix these problems, wear shoes that fit properly. Ensure that hard and dead skin patches are constantly removed using a clean pumice stone. Moisturize your feet regularly to avoid the formation of dead skin. People who have little fatty padding on the feet are also prone to cones and calluses.

Ingrown Toenails

They occur when the nails grow into the skin at the sides of the toe. They are painful and will cause the formation of pus at the corners of the toenail. They are caused by clipping the toenails in the wrong way. They are also caused by a fungus infection.

The toenails should be cut straight across the whole nail not lower at the edges. This will ensure that the nails grow without going through the skin. Also ensure that you wear properly fitting shoes, as very tight shoes can cut the nails at the edges.

In some people, they are caused by the poor structure of the foot and toes. To avoid ingrown toenails wear properly fitting shoes and clip toenails straight through. Use large clippers to cut toenails to avoid cutting nails too short below.


These are really common feet problems that most of us might have suffered from. Always ensure that your feet are clean, dry and well aerated. Wear properly fitting shoes and clean breathable socks always.

Tell us in the comments section which of these or any other foot problems you have suffered from and how you got rid of them. Did you find the article helpful? Do not forget to comment and share with others.