Weight loss is an important target for both men and women alike. However, it becomes a tough objective for women, as they focus on losing weight, in a minimal time. This tendency tends to lag their fitness goals. Another grave mistake, most women make is not gaining enough knowledge before they start out with their fitness regime. A good number of women think weightlifting would make them lose their femininity – this notion is absolutely false!

The weight-loss industry mostly utilizes unethical and severe tactics that mostly prey on the insecurities of women. They try to convince them to attain a lean body; not via weightlifting but through other fitness trends. Majority of fitness programs are geared towards women, to attack their self-esteem, in order to sell fake weight loss products.

Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

The shortage of information leads to confusion that encourages women to make mistakes in the initial stages of their fitness program. However, don’t shouldn’t get bogged down! “Knowledge is Power” – it stands true in every case, the more you know about workout, the better is your concept.

Exercising is important and so is weightlifting to get that perfect shape of the body. Weightlifting requires a woman to devote minimum three days every week. If you are an amateur – one day per week is enough. With time, the workout routine and stamina both gets increased equally. Also, concentrating on the cardiovascular exercises helps to effectively burn body fat and ensures a great and fit built.

Consistency is the key to success and science says, habits take time to grow but stays for a long time. So, if you are starting a weight loss program, you must stay ahead from other women with weightlifting. There is a protocol women must follow while weightlifting, to get apt results and stopping themselves from getting injured or having a bad built. Women generally make errors while weightlifting that leads them to higher level of frustration.

Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

Listed below are some of the weightlifting mistakes women commit while trying to lose weight! Read them to stop you from falling prey and become a smart fitness junkie and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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Mistake 1 – The Wrong Training Mode For Fitness Goals

When women want to get in shape, they tend to believe cardio would miraculously make them lean, and they are averse to weightlifting. There are number of advantages for women whilst strength training, it improves their posture and bone density. It also helps to add mass to muscles making it easier to lose fat.

 Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

With changing times, women are leaning more towards weight training to maintain a lean physique. Weight lifting can improve metabolism and helps to burn fat making them stronger and boosting their self confidence. It is best to stop relying on the celebrity fitness videos and amateur trainers while starting with the workout.

Mistake 2 – Eating Low Calorie Diet

There is a common notion that more workout and less food would help to lose weight fast. It might work for a short time period, but it wreaks havoc later in life. Gradually, with more weightlifting, the body becomes tired and food is the fuel it needs to get going.

Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

There might be several low calorie diets that are doing rounds in the market place promising weight loss. However, it is dangerous to health and depriving yourself to such extreme can be life threatening. So, keeping a balance between calorie intake and physical activity is imperative. Also, consuming Best Workout Supplements for Women helps in getting a good body and keeping hunger in check.

Mistake 3 – Poorly Designed Workout Program

Being new to something lead us to take things slower and play safe. We tend to stick to a routine, especially when it is about fitness and health. Repeating the same exercises everyday will lead to boredom and lose interest. Adding variety to workouts would help in keeping the balance.

Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

If you are into weight lifting, change it to cardio – bit of running, swimming, boxing, cycling and yoga helps in the long run. Dynamic workout, tissue workout, breathing work etc are also some of the interesting changes that can be made in routine.

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Mistake 4 – Not Lifting Heavy Weights

Women tend to shy away from doing weights. Many women believe that weight lifting would give them big muscles. However, it is nothing more than an exercising myth! Women must recognize their full potential and realize that lifting heavy weights would only help shape their bodies. Mostly, women don’t have the hormonal built up like men to be bulky like them. The level of testosterone is insufficient for the dense muscle growth.

Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

Weight training helps the body to be stronger from the beginning. This external program can make users strong from the start. Constantly challenging the body while working out makes women realize their actual strength. And, there is no better way to understand health progress than with Weight lifting Belt. It focuses on the strength of the body, its overall performance and composition.

Mistake 5 – Taking Lengthy Period of Rest

The last, but not the least, women taking long break in between two workout sessions. Many women have turned exercising and weight lifting as a social affair. Most of them come to gym to catch up with their buddies. Talking while exercising doesn’t create the desired effect on the body and the results are absolutely not up-to-the-mark.

Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit

Undoubtedly, there is a place and time for socialization – gym is not the right place. If you are sincere with your regime, only then can you get the desired body you have been craving for. The best way is to schedule time after the workout session is over. Also, sticking to short resting periods help to burn body fat effectively faster.

With this list of Top 5 Weightlifting Mistakes Women Commit, it can be ensured that women would get their perfect body shape. It would help them incredibly and stop them from making the same mistakes while weight lifting. The best way to get the body you desire is by diligently following a workout routine. It would, gradually, combat fat and help the amazing ladies to feel and look their best.