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If you’re going to have surgery or your doctor needs to perform tests, then you might be admitted to the hospital for a night or two. If you haven’t stayed in a hospital overnight, your anxiety might begin to kick in as you think about the people who work there or the medical supplies that might be used. Here are a few tips that can help to make your first overnight stay comfortable.

Stay Connected

Talk to people about staying in the hospital. Express your concerns to your doctor, or talk to someone who has a master’s of science in nursing. Make sure you have your phone charged or a laptop so that you can communicate with your family and friends. Check with the hospital to ensure that you can have visitors, asking your family to come see you when you feel like having company.

Pack Activities

When you’re gathering the items that you want to take to the hospital, include a book, a deck of cards or a puzzle book to keep you busy. If you’re going to stay in the hospital for a few days, ask if you can bring a jigsaw puzzle to put together on one of the small side tables beside the bed. Download a few games on your phone so that you have something to keep your mind off of being in your room as well as the reason you’re in the hospital.

Bring Comforts from Home

Just because you’re going to be in a hospital room doesn’t mean that you have to use the blankets, pillows and other items that are provided. Pack your pillow, bedroom shoes, nightgown and other toiletries from home so that you’re comfortable. It seems like hospitals have a hard time keeping the rooms warm enough or the beds comfortable enough, so your personal belongings can make getting sleep a bit easier.

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Get Up and Walk

Don’t stay in bed the entire time you’re at the hospital unless it’s doctor’s orders. Take a walk up and down the hall to visit other patients. Go outside if you’re allowed to so that you can get fresh air. Walking around can often speed up the healing process and enhance your mood so that you’re in a positive state to get better.

Staying in a hospital is something that many people experience at least once. Try to remain positive while you’re there because this can make the time go by faster and make your stay less intimidating.