chamomile tea benefits
chamomile tea benefits

Chamomile tea has lately been gaining momentum among people across the world for various health benefits it possesses. The herb has numerous benefits, to name a few, it helps in weight loss, cures indigestion, pain in muscles, helps in skin beautification, etc.

From among many benefits, it may catch your interest that chamomile tea has abilities to cure anxiety, insomnia and depression. There are two types of chamomile teas- Roman and German, latter being more popular.

How does chamomile tea cure anxiety?

Chamomile tea has been confirmed by researchers at the University of Pennsylvania to have anti-anxiety and antidepressant qualities.

● The herb maintains a balance and controls cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone which is produced by adrenal glands.

● Chamomile tea has flavonoid compound namely, Apigenin, which is believed to provide relaxation.


How to consume Chamomile Tea?

Chamomile is available in different forms. It can be found as a ready-made tea bag, loose dried flower heads, oil extracts, creams, lotions and herbal sleeping pills.

The two most common ways to drink chamomile tea to reduce anxiety and depression are:

1. Readymade Tea Bag

You can easily buy chamomile tea from stores near you or through online portals. Take a chamomile tea bag and pour hot water into the cup. Let it sit for 10 minutes and consume.

2. Dried Flower Heads

If you have dried chamomile flower heads, just put them in a cup of water. Infuse the flower heads with hot water for 10 minutes and sip in to it.

Chamomile Tea can be combined with some other healthy ingredients for better results, following are the recipes you can bend onto:

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1. Chamomile – Ginger Iced Tea

To make 8 cups of chamomile- ginger iced tea, you will need the following ingredients:

● Honey (6 tablespoons)

● Fresh lemon juice (2 tablespoons)

● Grated fresh ginger (2 tablespoons)

● Chamomile tea bags (12 bags)

● Lemon rinds (4 strips)

Perform the following tasks and sip onto the refreshing healthy chamomile tea.

● Bring the water to a boil and cool it down.

● Add honey, ginger, lemon juice, chamomile tea bags and lemon rinds to it.

● Let it sit for an hour.

● Now strain the mixture into a glass jar and refrigerate overnight.

● Drink it in moderation throughout the day for maximum benefits.

2. Chamomile – Mint Tea

Mint has undoubtedly got many health benefits, however, if combined with chamomile tea, it works wonders for people suffering from anxiety issues. To make this awesome combination, youll need the following:

● Mint extract (tablespoon)

● Chamomile tea (¼ cup)

● Sugar (1 tablespoon)

Make chamomile- mint tea quickly as directed below:

● In a cup of water, add chamomile tea.

● Mix in the mint extract and sugar in it.

● Drink this mixture to cure insomnia and anxiety.

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 3. Chamomile – Lavender Tea

Chamomile and Lavender make a terrific combination. As good as it sounds, it tastes even better. All you need is a tablespoon of chamomile flower combined with 1 tablespoon of lavender flower. Know how to make it a drink with simplest means.

● In a tea ball, place both the ingredients.

● Add boiling hot water to a cup and place the tea ball in it to steep.

● Drink it hot for best results.


Other health benefits of Chamomile Tea

Some other benefits of chamomile have been enlisted below:

● Stimulates immune system and strengthens digestive system. Cures nausea, vomiting, anorexia, motion sickness, etc.

● Chamomile has protective elements against cancer.

● It helps in beautification and is of great use for hair and skin. The herb has anti-aging properties, treats sunburn and under-eye dark circles.


What are the side-effects of Chamomile Tea?

Along with some benefits, chamomile tea can have some side-effects as well. Some of them being:

● Swelling of Throat

● Skin Rashes

● Shortness of Breath

● Worsens Asthma conditions

● Vomiting (if taken in large amounts)

● Avoid taking it at the time of pregnancy and breast – feeding


Now that you know everything about chamomile tea, choose wisely if you must or must not consume chamomile tea.