Your feet are one of your most important body parts. They serve an important role in transporting you around throughout your day. It’s easy to take them for granted until they develop a noticeable problem. Here are some of the most common foot problems you may experience and ways to treat them.


Blisters are painful sores on your feet that are created from continuous friction on the skin of your foot. These sores fill with a clear liquid, or serum, that acts as a protective barrier between the outside layer of your skin and the deeper layers. Blisters should not be popped because this can lead to an infection as dirt and germs are allowed to invade your deeper levels of skin through the opening. Instead, try treating your foot blister with one of these simple home remedies. If your blister is filled with blood or is abnormally large, seek the opinion of a podiatrist immediately.


Bunions are a foot problem that consists of a bone sticking out of the first joint of your big toe. Bunions are most commonly found in women due to their choice of high heeled footwear which causes the toes to be squished into an uncomfortable and abnormal position for long periods of time. Bunions can also be hereditary or caused by arthritis. Severe bunions that hinder your ability to walk comfortably in flat, roomy shoes should be treated immediately by a podiatrist. Bunion surgery is usually required in severe cases.

Foot Smell

This is a foot problem that many people don’t like discussing because it can be rather embarrassing. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to hide a case of smelly feet. There are many remedies for unpleasant foot smell which include medicated powders, medicated sprays, increased foot hygiene, frequent changing of socks, and even using antiperspirant spray. Sweat is the common cause of foot odor, so using an antiperspirant to prevent the formation of foot sweat will go a long way in reducing or eliminating your foot odor. Wearing light-colored cotton socks will also help to keep your feet ventilated and reduce sweating.

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Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungus that develops on your toenails and in between your toes. It can be contracted through contact with an infected person or an infected surface. There are many over-the-counter treatments for Athlete’s foot which include medicated powders, medicated gels, and medicated creams. For severe cases, a prescription strength medication will be necessary.

Regardless of your foot problem, you should always maintain healthy foot hygiene by washing your feet regularly, refraining from going barefoot outside, and wearing clean socks every day.