What the Cosmetic Companies don’t want you to Know?

Anti Wirnkle Cream Ingredients: What you Must know.Want to eliminate those fine lines and wrinkles for good? Are you tired of your wrinkles that are causing you self esteem issues? If yes, then look no further and try our clinically proven ingredient based anti wrinkle cream. All these words (perhaps with better paraphrasing) will try to grab your attention and make you spend a fortune behind expensive branded anti wrinkle creams.

There is nothing wrong in buying ridiculously priced skincare products but it is truly disappointing to see these big beauty companies sharing only limited information to its consumers. There is a lot of information available to them that they don’t want their consumers to know. In this article, we’ll touch these hideous pieces of information that you don’t know as yet and should know! Read further to satiate your curious mind to know the real truth about anti wrinkle cream ingredients.

Mentioned here are the most common anti wrinkle cream ingredients that mostly all companies rely on. Find out what the companies don’t want you to know about these infamous ingredients.

1. Peptides

As we grow older, it is very natural for our skin to grow thinner, which results into sagginess of the skin. What are peptides and what role do they play in anti wrinkle cream? Peptides are small little proteins that assist in stimulating growth and repair of skin cells. Anti wrinkle companies depend on peptides heavily to produce positive results. However, there is no such research till date done to prove peptides to have anti aging properties. In other words, peptides or no peptides, it doesn’t really hold any significance in an anti wrinkle cream.

2. Retinol

What Brad Pitt is to Hollywood, retinol is to anti wrinkle creams. The only difference between the two being that the latter is a classic case of representativeness as it holds no importance whatsoever. Retinol is a natural form of Vitamin A, which does work for reducing the appearance of wrinkles as per a couple of research studies. However, the retinol that is present in the over-the-counter anti wrinkle creams or lotions won’t work. A more potent form of retinol is needed for it to produce results, and this form of retinol is only available in prescribed anti wrinkle creams.

3. Elastin

Elastin holds a very big responsibility of maintaining the skin’s firmness. There are several ways to damage elastin, and once the elastin is damage, there is no way for it to come back. Even those intense medical procedures fail to bring the damaged elastin back, what makes you believe that these anti aging and anti wrinkle creams will help in tightening the skin?

4. Collagen

Collagen plays a pivotal role in your skin as it provides firmness, integrity and elasticity to the structures of the skin. Maximizing of collagen should be your goal in order to keep wrinkles and other signs of aging at bay. Degradation of collagen often results into formation of wrinkles. If you shop for anti wrinkle creams you will discover almost all creams containing collagen. But, the truth is, not all creams are effective despite having collagen formulation in their products. The molecular sizes of collagen found in these creams are often too large to even penetrate into the skin.

However, there are brands like Kollagen Intensiv that contain patented peptide Syn-Coll®. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of Syn-Coll® in reducing wrinkles effectively. This particular ground-breaking advancement in collagen creams show positive absorption that leads to efficient collagen synthesis.

5. Antioxidants

Antioxidants are known to battle cell damage from free radicals, thereby keeping the skin healthy and young. Of course, antioxidants are powerful when it comes to healing the skin. But, what is more important is the formulation of the antioxidants to see positive results on the skin. You do know that antioxidants are best fetched from leafy vegetables and fruits. Why then would you want to rely on a skin cream to provide your skin with rich antioxidants?

6. Alpha- Hydroxy Acids

Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are natural ingredients found in fruits. When these acids are applied on to the skin, they exfoliate and get rid of dead skin, thereby giving a chance to new skin to come to the surface. Sure, these acids work in keeping the skin look more youthful and wrinkle-free, but it also leaves the skin more susceptible to harmful UV rays. Besides, the combination of harmful UV rays and anti aging creams is deadly and the results can actually create more trouble than goodness.

Wrap up!

The bottom line here is to know that all these anti wrinkle creams will provide you positive results only till the time you use them. Once you stop using them, your skin will go back to its pristine state. Therefore, it is always better to consult a qualified skin expert before starting to use any of these creams.