Relaxing and working are the two alternative cycles of life; and hence, a hard work is supposed to have its counterpart as a good massage. These days, massage therapy has become a major practice all across the globe and that too from ancient times. Therefore, working upon the pressure points to release the work load and busting the stress is widely in vogue these days. An array of massages are practiced which are about relaxation and are meant for physiotherapy too that treats diseases or complications (that can be mend externally).

  • The art of massage does have excellent benefits upon our body, but one must be well aware of the kind of massage that suits a particular individual.
  • A massage type must be suitable for one’s body type, and hence, before trying any new massage technique or experimenting with the massage pattern, testing any complication or being aware of the body type is really imperative.
  • It is always better to be safe than sorry. Massaging offers a lot of perks; but if applied wrong can harm us as well.

Types of massages one must know for benefits:

Massage itself has magical benefits if done properly. To practice massage, one must have proper set of skills as massaging is never a rocket science. It needs time to learn the art and patience to practice that too.

Swedish massaging style:

This is most common in the Asian nations where oils or lotions are used to massage the skin. Circular broad strokes are applied by hands and then a transition of specific stroke takes place. It depends upon the pressure points of the body. The five basic strokes in this massage therapy are as follows-

  1. Effleurage
  2. Petri sage
  3. Friction
  4. Tapotement
  5. Vibration
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These are all about straight, circular movements, rocking, shaking, bending, rolling and so on and so forth.

Aroma therapy:

This technique of massaging has become really famous over the past few years. This is because special scented oils called essential oils are used in the massaging solution (oil/lotion) and hence, that affects upon the skin and the mind too (arousing the sensory feelings by the fragrance). These are most common in spas.

Precautions before aroma therapy are–

  • Beware of allergic essential oils
  • Sensitive skin must avoid this massage genre

Hot stone massage:

Placing heated pieces of stone upon few areas of the body, muscles and pressure points is called heat stone massaging. This is mainly because relaxation is a purpose but toning the muscles is important as well. Caution must be taken by people in this case and consult a doctor if the person has

  • diabetes
  • heart diseases
  • high blood pressure

Deep tissue massage:

Not all massages are for general purposes hence, this is the genre of massage that is meant for specific purposes such as muscle toning, therapeutic working with muscle adhesion. Intentional strokes of friction are used to treat muscle pain, postural issues and strain as well. This is about treating osteoarthritis. This can also treat complications such as carpel tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow.

Shiatsu massage:

Since, long periods of time Japan mastered the art of massaging and acupuncture and hence, this is the genre of massage that specializes in localizing the pressure points and pressing fingers or hands or elbow upon those. These do have greater effect and that too for a longer period of time. This can treat neck and back pain, general health issues such as sinus and insomnia too. This does not use any kind of oil or lotion and is done by lying the person down upon a mat or a low massage table.

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Thai massage:

The name, we all are quite acquainted with. This famous massage is more of a therapy and is a passive form of stretching and yoga as well. This massage is all about circulating energy evenly all over the body. The internal flow of energy can be controlled and relaxation is another purpose as well. Migraine issues can be treated by this therapy. This compression method improves flexibility.


This works upon the reflex actions of the body. The compression and friction when makes the reflex senses respond, pressure points are activated and the nervous system also does have its impact.

Sports massage:

This is especially meant for sports persons and athletes who are having specified requirements, specific body tone and type, specific muscle work out pattern and so on and so forth. This can treat physical complications and injuries and acts as a stress buster as well.

There are also massages for pregnant women. Pregnant ladies need these to avoid stretch marks and also to avoid a painful delivery. This helps in a smooth delivery of the baby and lessens the pain too. To get some mention worthy massage quote click here.