I remember when I was a kid, the best excuse to my parents for a day of leave from school used to be some or the other illness like stomach pain, head pain, feigning sudden weakness and giddiness etc. But then I was taken to the doctor and the doctor would hold up a huge injection and just looking at it, miraculously all my illness would be cured. How badly I would get scared of an injection. I would literally get a panic attack.

Isn’t this the problem with majority of young children and with some adults too? Many people are extremely phobic even at the mere sight of a syringe. On the other hand it is also extremely tasking for technicians and medical pratitioneers to detect good veins for venipuncture even if the patient is co-operative. And, God forbid, if he is not, the situation can turn dreadful for the patiebt as well as the technician.

But now there is a reason to relax. A new innovation called the Vein Illumination Technology is taking the medical world by the storm.

Vein Illumination

What is Vein Illumination Technology?

Vein Illumination Technology is the state of the art technology for finding veins that are situated below the skin or what we call as subcutaneous veins with the help of infrared light technology which is patented. Just with the click of a switch this device provides a clear map of veins running just below the skin. This helps increase the success rate of venipuncture in the first stick itself hence decreasing the need for multiple attempts at finding the vein.

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Let us look at the beneficial factors of the vein illumination technology and what makes this technique here to stay:

  • Used on all skin types and colours:

On using the vein illumination technique the skin is illuminated by a combination of different colours like blue and white, only red and red and green depending on the skin tone of the patient benefiting the physician to detect a vein on all skin tone.

  • Adjustable brightening for a clear view:

Many times it happens that the vascular positioning can create problems in detecting veins. But the adjustable brightness feature in the vein illumination technology help get a clear view of the patients veins even in difficult positions.

  • Safety for eyes:

This technology uses a “cold eye” technique which does not harm the eye either of the patient or the technician neither does it cause eye fatigue.

  • One touch use:

The use of this device involves simple understanding of the power on and off buttons and easy to use operations.

  • Handy to use:

vein finder is a small device which is very light in weight also (barely 280gm). It is very easy to be carried around and can be used on the go.

  • High accuracy:

Vein illuminating technology device has a 30cm antenna attached to it which is beneficial to make out the actual distance of the skin surface from the illuminator with high accuracy. It also provides a depth of 10mm to view the subcutaneous veins.

Given the about points I am sure that you will also agree that Vein Illumination technique is here to stay until the foreseeable future.

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