For most pet owners, their dog is just another member of the family. This means they deserve the best care and attention, just like you give yourself. However, since they cannot complain or tell you what is wrong, it is essential that you recognize the dog health symptoms that they need the services of an animal hospital.

Strange Eating Habits

While it is not too uncommon for your dog to skip a few meals, especially if it is hot outside, if this is happening regularly, then this is a clear indication that your dog needs to be examined. There are a number of diseases that can cause the dog to develop some strange eating habits, which means if they are usually well-behaved, but they start to raid the garbage or pantry, or are not eating as well as they once did, seeking the services of an animal hospital is essential.

Excessive Thirst

Dogs will produce saliva naturally, which means that they don’t have to drink all the time. A dog that is drinking excessive water may be in the early stages of kidney disease or even diabetes. One way to determine if your dog is drinking too much is if they are producing more urine than usual, has accidents inside or must go outside more frequently.

Dry or Rough Coat

As a dog owner, you know your dog’s coat should be soft, shiny and thick. A coat that is dull, or one that has bald patches, or that has dry or rough skin, is a definite indication that something is amiss. Some issues that may be causing this include a skin disease, an allergy or the wrong type of food. Either way, they may need to see the vet at a nearby animal hospital.

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Tired or Sluggish

When a dog is lethargic, it means that there is something that is bothering them. Dogs like this are typically not interested in going for a walk, participating in activities they once found enjoyable or even having a lack of enthusiasm. While there are some normal issues, such as heat, if the symptoms last for more than 48 hours it is essential to have the dog checked out.

Knowing when your dog needs care is not difficult, but it will require you to observe their behavior on a regular basis. Going to the vet or animal hospital at the first time of trouble will help to ensure your dog is healthy.