how-to-reduce-foot-pain-from-standing-all-dayFoot problems are very common and they can occur both on and off the job. And so the possibility of developing foot problems at work is not completely out of the question. There is no doubt that certain work-related factors can lead to foot problems especially if you are required to stand for a longer period of time because of your job requirements.

Maintaining an upright stance for a very long duration can be extremely tiring because the human foot is designed for mobility. Thus, standing for hours, day after day will not only enervate your feet but there is a huge possibility of some permanent damage to the feet as well. There’s no need to worry, though, because this problem can be easily corrected by wearing shoe inserts from

The role of Footwear in Avoiding Feet Problems:

Maximum stress is felt on the feet when we spend hours standing on our legs. There are various professions that demand maximum standing time for achieving work goals. If you are a teacher, security guard, nurse or in other similar professions, you probably wait for finishing your job and head home for resting. But do you know there is another amazing way to avoid common foot problems?

Most fashion shoes do not have enough arch support or have a very restricted toe-box. All these downsides of the designer footwear fail to provide instant support that is required to walk and stand happily without any pain or discomfort. From inflammation of the ball to the thickening of the skin, there are various kinds of injuries that can occur to your feet if the designer shoes are not comfortable.

And most of these foot problems start with wearing ill-fitting shoes. If you choose comfortable and supportive shoes, you will be able to provide comfort to your foot even if your job requires long standing hours. So, you should pay attention to every minute detail while buying shoes for your work. The size, length, width and soles of the shoe you choose for yourself should be perfect.

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And also, when you are going for shoe shopping, try to do it during the afternoon. This is because our feet tend to expand in the day time. There are other factors as well that should be considered before you choose your shoes.

1. Avoid High Heels: High heels are very tempting and women want to wear these lucrative stilettos every day. But the shoes with high heels put a lot of strain on foot and cause discomfort in calf and back muscles. In fact, some women complain of a sharp pain on the ball of their foot whenever they wear high heels. So, for a job which requires you to stand for the most part of the day, it is better to opt for shoes with minimum heels.

2. Ensure Slip Resistant Footwear: If you work in offices with slippery surfaces, there is an increased risk of falling and getting injured. The best way to avoid unwanted accidents is to buy shoes with slip resistant outer soles. This enables you to walk with much more confidence over slippery areas.

3. Use Orthotics: For people suffering from issues related to foot arch, it is recommended to use a custom made foot orthotics. These shoe inserts provide enough support and comfort to the arch and fit according to the shape of your foot seamlessly.

4. Choose Shoes with Wide Toe Box: There should be enough space in the toe box of your shoe. The toe box should be deep and wide. This gives comfort to your forefeet. Your shoe should be flexible enough so that your toes bend effortlessly while walking.

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5. Proper Arch Support: When buying shoes for comfort, it is always important to find an arch support that seems custom-made for your foot type. A perfect arch support can turn your uncomfortable shoes into a more comfortable pair of shoes.

6. Shock Absorbing Insoles: Most of the footwear brands now design shoes with shock absorbing soles specifically designed for the professionals who stand for a long period of times during their jobs. The insoles and outer soles both have comfortable padding to cushion your foot inside the shoe. Well-cushioned inner sole will help take the pressure off your feet efficaciously.

Thus, it is extremely essential to buy comfortable footwear for avoiding feet problems. Buying the right shoes is a kind of investment that you make in foot health. So, do not fall for a pair of shoe available at a sale or if its price is right. You have to make sure that your footwear is comfortable in all its aspect. Its size, padding, and design- everything contributes to a perfectly comfortable shoe.

Shopping for comfortable shoes can seem a daunting task at first, mostly because the markets are jam-packed with numerous brands and types of footwear. But once you know your specific activity and foot size, you are definitely going to pick the best pair of shoes for your needs.