Today’s lifestyle is so hectic that people rarely pay attention to their own health and as a contradiction; people are getting more ‘health’ conscious. Avoiding fat dense foods, gyming, counting calories, has become the order of the day. But, this is not what healthy means. Our body is such that it needs all the constituents of the food to function smoothly; salt, sugar, spice and everything that’s not so nice.

We need these foods that might harm our body but they help in mood lifting and also when we have no time to sit down and eat our meal at leisure. To call it simply, they are the ‘fast’ foods.

Every food item has its own qualities and aids the body in its smooth functioning. Forgoing an entire group of food in order to lose weight or going on a completely liquid diet devoid of fiber and solid food, will help you lose weight fast but deprive your body of the vital nutrients and minerals that are the building blocks of your body.

Losing weight is tough and maintaining that ideal weight is even tougher, but not impossible. Following these time-tested and somewhat unconventional tactics will yield results faster than you can think.

  1. Don’t deprive yourself of food

Dieting often constitutes not eating enough, though this notion is completely incorrect. Dieting, simply, meaning eating right at the right time and in the right quantity. Remember the saying ‘a hungry is an angry man’. When you deprive your body of food when it is hungry, the mind will react in the negative. You will always tend to be angry, irritated and fatigued.

Feeding the body and mind when it needs it the most is what is important. Eating a cupcake is not wrong, but when you are eating it is of vital importance. And binging on your favorite stuff that increases the fat density on the muscles is what should be avoided.

  1. Read a book when craving a food
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When we are watching TV or doing any other activity we tend to crave more food than when reading a book or writing something. The logic is that our hands and mind are free and they need something to do and that is the time they start craving food.

Your brain is so focused on the book that you are currently involved in, it doesn’t look for distractions via food. And you wouldn’t want to leave food smudges on your favorite book too.

  1. Eat with all your senses

We always thought we use only one of our five senses while eating, but that is so not true. While eating if we engage all our five senses in the activity, we will enjoy our food better and also eat better and chew food properly too. This will make us eat a little lesser than we usually do.

See the food with your eyes and take in the colors and presentation of the food, hear the crunch of the food while chewing, touch and feel the various textures, smell the fragrance and aroma with your nose, taste the flavors with your tongue and feel heavenly in your mind.

  1. Stop the stress eating

We have a tendency to eat more when we are stressed and this makes us gain more weight. The solution is to find alternate ways to reduce stress and tension instead of finding solace in the fat increasing food like chocolates and ice creams. You could take a walk around the block, practice breathing techniques, snack on fresh veggies and fruits or get together with friends when you are feeling stressed and the craving for the fat food increases.

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Find more such off the beaten ways to lose weight on daddy nutrition.

  1. Dress up to eat

You might find this weird and question ‘why dress up for an everyday meal?’ The reason is when we are in our sweatpants and loose t-shirts; we feel comfortable and tend to gorge on the food. Tight fitting pants or skirts and a nice frilly blouse will make things more formal and you will eat little less.

  1. Spice it up

Hot peppers help in increasing metabolism to some extent though not much, but it surely does help. When the food is hot and spicy, we tend to eat slowly and take smaller bites, thereby making us eat less. We generally can’t just stuff our mouth with spicy food and spicy food also requires more water intake too.

  1. Experimentation is the key

Don’t follow the beaten path for weight loss; create your own path, trails, and rules. Research and learn in depth about nutrition, and experiment and find the best methods that work for you. What works for one need not work for others. Try out some off the beaten paths of shedding those extra pounds and kilos that will work their magic.

All said and done, diet and workout are the key factors that help lose weight faster and effectively, but trying these unconventional methods make things simpler, easier and fun.