SARMs, or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are supplements that enhance the levels of androgens (male hormones) in the user’s body, which in turn triggers fat loss, lean muscle growth, and greater bone strength. All of these factors together help bodybuilders achieve their fitness goals more rapidly by enabling better performance and faster recovery.

The therapeutic properties of SAMs, which include protection against muscle wastage, bone loss, and hypogonadism, have made them popular among athletes, weightlifters, and bodybuilders looking for a superior alternative to natural testosterone enhancers such as prohormones. Prohormones are considered great for building muscle, but their prolonged use has been associated with the diminished liver function.

Not many consumers are aware that SARMs have been used in medical science for treating several ailments, including cardiovascular diseases, obesity, some types of cancer, osteoporosis, obesity and more.

Advantages of SARMs over anabolic steroids

  • Steroids help in building muscle by boosting testosterone levels and thereby enhancing protein synthesis in the body. This promotes muscle growth and helps you shed fat. SARMs, too, help to build muscle fast and burn fat, but without the damaging, often irreversible effects that steroids have on the reproductive system, liver function, heart function, voice, hair growth, and other vital body systems.
  • SARMs have fewer side effects as compared to prohormones. However, this does mean that they are weaker; rather, they are selective in their action, which significantly reduces the side effects.
  • SARMs can be used by anyone regardless of age, body weight, body shape, fitness level or injury. Anabolic steroids, on the other hand, are best avoided if you’re overweight, have heart trouble, are injured, or are in your early twenties.
  • Unlike steroids, SARMs can distinguish between the anabolic and androgenic actions in your body, thus causing minimal side effects.
  • For those trying to lose weight, SARMs’ targeted effects can be useful for burning body fat and toning muscles at a much faster pace.
  • Studies show that modern-day SARMs do not saturate the cells as do steroids, which is a major cause of the damage caused to vital organs such as the liver.
  • Nonsteroidal SARMs have been in use for decades now as a means to bulk up, lose fat, and achieve a lean body.
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Various popular SARMs and their uses


Improves muscle mass and bone mass and considered effective for losing fat when you’re trying to bring your body back to shape.


Reported to be as effective as testosterone. Known to help increase lean muscle mass and help regulate hormones.


Known to enhance mobility, improve muscle and lean mass, and boost the body’s insulin function. Useful in the bulking phase of the bodybuilding regime and for athletes looking to build performance.


Studies show that this SARM stimulates muscle growth and reduces muscle wastage.


Studies involving Ligandrol have reported a fat loss, increase in muscle mass as well as overall well-being, and greater strength. Recommended for use during the bulking and recomposition phases of bodybuilding.


Animal studies show that this SARM can help prevent loss of bone and enhance bone formation and bone strength. Also known to positively impact sexual function.


Animal studies show that LGD-3303 helps improve muscle mass and bone muscle density. Additionally, studies reported that it did not affect the prostate gland, thereby signaling potentially protecting androgenic organs against any side effects.



Popular with weightlifters and bodybuilders, this SARM has been shown to support muscle and bone growth without causing harm to the prostate gland.


Shown to be associated with the enhanced fat reduction and muscle building.


Animal studies show that S-40503 supports bone and muscle growth without affecting the weight of the prostate gland. Potentially useful for the specific goal of improving bone strength.

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If you’re thinking of incorporating any of these sarms into your fitness regime, we recommend that you buy them from a trusted vendor online or offline.

Whatever your fitness or bodybuilding target, SARMs have been shown to provide support in a range of activities, from weight training to body definition to weight loss to athletics. The greatest advantage SARMs appear to have over the conventional anabolic steroids is the reduced risk of damage to the reproductive system (of both men and women) and the digestive system (the liver in particular). Presently, research is ongoing to understand the complete effects of SARMs on muscle and bone health. While a number of animal studies have been done, more human clinical trials will help scientists unravel the true potential of these powerful ligands.