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The skin is an organ that shields the inner muscles, bones, and internal organs of the body. It has several layers to it, and it is fairly tough. So it often surprises people to hear that it can still get diseases. Except for serious infections, most of the diseases are topical, though. That means that they are unsightly, but they don’t usually cause any secondary internal illnesses. This article will discuss three of the most common skin diseases and some ways to prevent them.


Boils often begin as infected hair follicles or pores. They start out as hard, painful bumps. Then, over a few days time, they swell up with pus. But they don’t break open right away. It takes about ten days for the pus to rise to the surface. And unfortunately, they tend to spread. So instead of just one boil, most people get a cluster of them that is called a “carbuncle.” While one boil can be treated by a person at home, a carbuncle has to be treated by a doctor because it requires antibiotics to get rid of the infection. People who have diabetes get boils the most because they don’t have a properly functioning immune system. So they must be careful to prevent them by keeping the skin as clean as possible. Any sweat or dirt has to be washed off right away.


Acne occurs from changes in hormone levels in teenagers. But adults can get it too from sweat and dirt clogging up their pores. Acne is much smaller than boils, and it is easier to heal. The best way to prevent it from occurring is to clean the skin with soap and water at least twice a day. Any breakouts should be treated with topical over-the-counter salicylic acid.

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Eczema is one of the most miserable skin diseases to have. It causes patches of skin that are itchy and red. And the skin peels and cracks as it becomes inflamed. Unfortunately, most people get this disease because of genetics, which means controlling it is very difficult. Once a person contracts this disease, they can help prevent it from worsening by keeping their skin moisturized. Some people also find relief by soaking in a bathtub filled with cool water and vinegar.

Anyone who has these skin diseases should see a dermatologist like those at Refined Dermatology for treatment if they develop a fever or pain along with them because a fever could be a sign of an infection. Diabetics must be especially careful not to attempt to treat any skin wounds without consulting a doctor first since diabetes causes a compromised immune system.