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Dentures are one of the most common methods of replacing lost teeth by dentists. For centuries, dentists have used this technology for restoring and replacing their patient’s teeth. Over the years, dental technology has gone through a great development. The dentures you find today, both removable and permanent dentures, are very comfortable and look natural. 


At ABC Dental Implant Center of Las Vegas, we assure you of these benefits as we make both removable dentures and permanent dentures tailored for comfort and esthetic appearance. When you decide to get dentures to restore your smile, learning about the process of getting one is necessary. 


Because dental dentures are fully custom made to fit the unique mouth structure and dental needs of an individual, there are certain procedures that are undertaken to make sure that the fit, function, and appearance of the denture can be optimized. The following is a quick view of the process of getting dentures that you can expect to go through when getting dentures from our dental experts in Las Vegas. 


Dental Preparation and Placement

On the first day of your visit to our dentistry in Las Vegas, our dentist will evaluate the condition of teeth and gums as well as other dental concerns if necessary. Your jaw bone structure will be examined to determine the right treatment plan. In some situations, if you have a week bone structure, it can interfere with the firmness and stability of your dentures. In which case your dentist will suggest prior treatment to correct this issue before installing the dentures.

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Once that is done, the dentist will then recommend a denture option that is right for you. If you agree with the choice, your dentist will start making impressions on your gums to learn about the crevices and ridges for creating the best possible fit.


In some cases, some remaining teeth may be extracted. In this case, the extracted teeth will be immediately replaced with a temporary denture to allow the affected area to heal properly, during the process when the permanent dentures are being made. 


Once the health of your gums and the jaw bone is completely restored, complete dentures will be installed, replacing almost/all of your teeth in your upper and/or lower jaws. It will take between 3 to 6 months or more, for you to get your complete dentures. The time is mostly spent waiting for your gum tissue to heal completely after extraction. 


To know if you are a good candidate for dentures or which type of treatment is right for you, book an appointment at ABC Dental Implant Center in Las Vegas. Whether you are looking for removable dentures or permanent dentures for restoring your smile, the denture experts at our dentistry in Las Vegas can help you determine the right treatment plan. We will start by reviewing the number of lost teeth, the effect it caused on your dental health, and your dental needs and goals. We assure to help you restore your smile most efficiently and successfully. Call us today.