If you think that you or a loved one may be addicted to alcohol, you are probably wondering if the problem is severe enough to go to a rehab facility and what will transpire at such a facility if you do check in. Fortunately, the mental health and addiction professionals at Magnolia Ranch Recovery can help you assess whether or not you qualify for rehab and assist you in your recovery every step of the way. The staff of psychotherapist and medical doctors have years of experience in treating addiction recovery. 

How to Know if You are an Alcoholic 

It is generally easy enough to self-evaluate whether or not you are an alcoholic. However, many people who are addicted to alcohol are in denial. If a woman has more than 7 drinks a week, she may be an alcoholic. If a man has more than 14 drinks a week he may be considered an alcoholic.

Alcoholics will often shirk responsibilities because of their drinking, they may get into legal trouble and have arrests for driving under the influence. If you feel like you need alcohol or if you drink when you are by yourself, you may well have an addiction to alcohol.

The Steps to Recovery

If you are like most people, you probably have an idea of what recovery is like from television shows and movies. You may be familiar with programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous which employs a 12 step program for recovery. Although these programs are wonderful for maintaining sobriety and commiserating with other alcoholics, it is also important to have the assistance of professional healthcare workers in your rehabilitation process.

A good recovery program should begin with intervention and evaluation. There are some cases where the intervention may include friends and family confronting the alcoholic about their behavior. If you do this for an alcoholic in your life, remember to have a licensed professional at the intervention with you.

When a person checks into a facility, they should undergo a full psychological and physical evaluation. They will then have a schedule of treatments custom tailored to their situation. Once they have been given the evaluation, they will go through the process of physical detoxification. It tends to take about seven days to physically detox from alcohol. It is important to stay in an overnight program when you do this, so you can have the assistance of a medical professional at all times.

You should have group therapy seven days a week and you should have access to private sessions at all times. A good facility will have 12 step meetings on site that you can attend while you are there. It is important to take life skills classes that address issues such as family dynamics, anger management and relapse prevention. Your progress should be evaluated on a regular basis. At the end of rehab your doctor may or may not recommend residing in a reputable sober living facility.

Recover is a long and intense process, and it can be dangerous or even deadly to attempt it on your own. A caring and experienced team of therapist can put you on the road to real and lasting recovery.