Autoclave sterilizers have a large role to play in the sterilization process of hospital equipment, but how can you tell which machine is the best suited for your facility? In this article, you will learn more about how certain types of steam sterilizers differ from each other to make your final choice easier!

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About autoclave sterilizers: helping hospitals fight off infections every day

Hospitals and other medical facilities are required by law to have some sort of medical waste management system in place. One of the most important components of this system is how effectively hospitals can treat their tools and waste onsite, since with the right method, they can not only reduce the risks associated with storage, segregation and transportation, but can also make the whole process much easier.

Autoclaves are machines of all sizes that use high-pressure and high-temperature steam that ranges between 121 and 134 degrees Celsius. By killing off all germs inside their chamber (the place where the load is put into and sterilized), surgical tools may be used again, and waste can be disposed of safely.

As for the exact type of autoclave staff should be using, there are 2 main factors to consider before making your choice: capacity and class.


Autoclave sterilizers for hospitals – size and capacity

Size and capacity naturally go hand in hand: the larger the autoclave, the larger its capacity. Among all other medical facilities that use autoclaves, hospitals are definitely the ones that need all the capacity they can get to be able to treat huge quantities of tools and waste each day. Not to mention they probably have more available space than a small clinic, which makes the installation of a large autoclave weighing several hundred kilograms much easier.

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As for the exact capacity that allows you to work in the most profitable way, this is something a hospital needs to decide based on how frequent, and how big your sterilization needs are. Depending on the manufacturer you choose, the volume of large autoclave sterilizers for hospitals can range from 110 liters all the way to 880 liters!


Autoclave sterilizers for hospitals – N, S, and B class steam sterilizers

The class of the autoclave sterilizer you choose for a hospital is important because they all handle different types of loads. The “best one” depends solely on the kind of materials that need to be treated at the sight of your facility.

  • N class autoclaves represent the simplest of steam sterilizers. They remove only a certain portion of the air inside their chambers through gravity: unless you only need to sterilize flat instruments, you should go for a more advanced model.
  • S class autoclaves can remove more air thanks to a dense wall of steam, and while they sterilize porous and wrapped products, they are unable to treat textile items.
  • B class autoclaves are the most advanced sterilizers for hospitals. They use a powerful vacuum pump to completely remove all air inside their chamber, and can deal with even the most complex loads, making them one of the best choice on the market right now.