As a young woman growing up, you might have had the idea of a perfect family in your mind. Unfortunately, no one can predict the future; this is according to No one ever knows that they might not be able to get pregnant at one point or the other in life. You might have heard all fears confirmed that you aren’t fertile so you will need to use other methods so that you can have a child. If you ever found yourself in such a situation, you shouldn’t be hard on yourself because it might be out of your control. You should take heart and find other confirmed methods to help you have a baby. Thanks to technology, there are numerous possibilities. Some people normally opt to adopt a child, others give up and others go ahead and look for an egg donor. If you decide on the latter, a lot of research is involved before you can get a donor. Before you actually decide on the egg donor, you need to consider a number of things. Some of these are:

  1. Donor

When you are looking for a donor, you need to make a decision whether you want to know the donor or you want an anonymous donor. Whichever option you choose should obviously be beneficial to you and your future child. The benefit of having a known donor is that you get to choose from the people you know. The donor can be a close friend or even a relative. Some people prefer having an anonymous egg donor. They have their own privacy and security reasons as to why they take that approach. They probably want to have full custody of the child and they wouldn’t want any external interference from the donor. This is something that can be agreed upon and you can have a lawyer draft a contract. The terms and conditions of the contract will obviously be between the donor and the recipient.

  1. Medical past

If you are going to have selected an egg donor, it will be best you know her medical history. This is to help you know what kind of hereditary diseases the child might have in the future. You should also make the effort of knowing the personal medical record so that you know whether the donor’s egg can put the health of the baby or yours in jeopardy. This is your body and you really need to be sure of everything that is introduced into it, whether you are going to have a frozen egg from a stranger or one from someone you know. The medical tests can be conducted through screening. From the results, you also get to know whether the donor has any history of mental health issues. These may present in your child when they grow up.

  1. Hair and skin colour

One thing you need to know is that you can have a say on the features of the child you want. This is by making sure you make the correct choice of the donor. You should pay keen attention to the donor’s hair and skin colour when you look for donor egg IVF. Be sure that your child will resemble what your donor looks like. This is because of genes that will be passed on to the child. It is also good if you choose a donor who almost has the same type of hair and skin complexion as you. Other than that, you also need to have a keen look at other physical attributes like body shape and height. They are hereditary.

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