Whats Your Best Option for Replacing Multiple Teeth

When multiple teeth are missing, patients are faced with unsightly gaps in their smile along with other clinical complications such as alveolar ridge bone loss. As each individual is unique, various treatment plan options are presently available. The most common solutions include the placement of fixed bridges, implants or partial/full dentures.

Fixed Dental Bridge

Dental bridges can replace one or multiple missing teeth. They restore the aesthetic as well as the functionality of the mouth. The main reasons why dental bridges are recommended is the ease of application, reduced treatment time and decreased cost.

Most bridges are fabricated using a metal understructure for durability and porcelain for aesthetics. The bridge is attached to the teeth adjacent to the empty space (abutments) and is connected to the artificial teeth (pontics). It fills in the gaps where the teeth used to be.

Dental Implants

The loss of teeth can be caused by genetics, excessive decay and failed root canal treatments (RCT) or trauma. It is also common amongst the older population as the aging process disintegrates the bone mass. Many teeth become mobile and are prone to extractions.

One of the most effective methods of tooth replacement is implants. They compensate for missing dentition and are a long-term solution. Patients with a strong skeletal base and minimal health issues are typically great candidates for implants.

Partial Dentures

Partials can reconstitute the function and visual value of a single tooth or multiple teeth. They encompass a metal frame for sturdiness and an acrylic body for aesthetics. Two types of acrylic are used in the fabrication of this appliance, and they include gingiva-colored material to match the hue of the gums and the tooth-colored components to mimic the shade of the existing dentition.

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Full Dentures

Full dentures are warranted when the patients are completely edentulous. They are usually made with acrylic only and can be combined with implants. The implants are strategically placed in the ridge and serve as anchors for the dentures to ensure stability.

General Dentist

A general dentist such as those at Smile Makers Dental is a family provider that focuses his efforts on continuous maintenance of the oral health for his patients. All patients are educated about the importance of oral health and a proper daily regimen at home. Routine exams and cleanings are scheduled at 6-month intervals to ensure appropriate monitoring.

With the advances in technology, multiple missing teeth can be successfully resorted. The benefits are both physical and psychological. Physical advantages include the patient’s ability to speak and eat. Psychologically, the patients profit by being able to smile and regain their self-confidence.