Who does not want to have a beautiful smile? We all do, isn’t it? A smile is one of the most attractive features for every person be it men or women. Gorgeous teeth are the main reason behind a great smile. On various occasions, due to vivid reasons, we start having teeth related problems.

Dental implants are one of the most sought after solution in recent times for this issue. They are metal frames fixed beneath your gums through a minor surgery. These implants will let your dentist fix the replacement tooth on them.

Innovation at Its Best

A dental implant is the modern day version of the crude implants.  Our ancestors pioneered them thousands of years ago. They used wood or ivory for this purpose. Paleontologists from across the world agree to this.

These implants are easily one of the most innovative ideas in cosmetic dentistry. The procedure mainly consists of a minor surgery for fixing the implant. The mounting of an artificial tooth is the final step.

Impressive Longevity

Dental implants are gaining wide popularity because of their high reliability. Usually, we have complaints about most of the dental procedure for being short lived. We will need to visit the dentist over and again to fix the issues.

But dental implant is an exception for this. When done accurately, the implant will last a lifetime. It will not demand much maintenance. It is as easy as having a natural tooth.

Aesthetically Pleasing

If you are skeptical about how real these implants will look, let me tell you. They look like any of your other natural teeth. Your dentist will make sure to customize the shade of the implant according to your other teeth.

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Thus, it is almost impossible to find any difference between the two. These pleasing implants will boost confidence.

Cost Efficiency

On the money front also dental implants are very efficient. They are costlier when compared to the usual dental treatments. But these treatments demand regular check-ups and fixing which not the case with implants is.

Even though you pay a bit more initially it is worth it on the longer run. According to the latest reports, a single tooth implant will cost you between $1500 and $6000. Some insurances cover this expenditure to some extent.

What do the Dentists Say?

Dentists have their way of reasoning the rising popularity of dental implants. Here is a brief from their opinion:

  • Dental implants will preserve the gum and bone quality. They do not cause any side effects for the interior of the mouth. It is very important as weaker gums and bones is a consequence of losing a tooth.
  • There is no alteration done to any of the remaining teeth. This is not the case with the normal dental bridge procedure. The surgery concentrates only on the single replacement unit in your jaw bone.

Are there any Disadvantages?

Like any other medical procedure implant also has its drawbacks. Some of them are:

  • The procedure usually takes over six months to complete. You will have to visit your dentist many times through the course.
  • Initial cost is higher than the traditional bridging.
  • There is a rare chance of getting an infection in your gums. This happens when you do not follow a proper cleaning routine.
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We can overlook these drawbacks as most of the patients have positive feed backs about dental implants. For a healthy set of teeth brush them twice a day. Rinse your mouth after every meal to keep your gums fresh and clean. I recommend you to visit your dentist to enhance your oral health and beauty!