Losing weight is not a walk in the park, and even after achieving the goals, there are other things to deal with, such as loose skin. Before beginning any weight loss journey, one should ensure that they know the outcomes and how to deal with the negatives. For instance, they should have an idea of how to get rid of loose skin after weight loss. The skin loses elasticity during and after the weight loss journey for various reasons. Knowing the causes might help you reduce the extent of this happening, but you cannot prevent it altogether. 

Age and genetics are among the factors that contribute to skin sagging following weight loss. Other characteristics that reduce the elasticity of your skin as you lose weight include; 

Amount of weight you lose

Extreme weight loss comes with undesired effects such as loose skin. Modest weight loss does not cause a lot of skin to be left hanging as compared to severe cases. If you want to cut a decent chunk of your weight, it is best to have a plan on how to eliminate the loose skin because you cannot avoid it. The loss of fat from under the ski leaves space with nothing to fill it; hence, the hanging. Alternatively, you can choose to limit the amount of weight you use to prevent your skin from hanging too much. 


One habit that you have to quit as you begin your weight loss journey is smoking. Generally, quitting has many health benefits, and it will positively impact the condition of your skin as you start losing weight. Collagen production is lowered significantly by smoking, and this will leave you with hanging skin when you lose weight. Also, the different components in cigarettes damage existing collagen forcing your skin to sag. Smoking, combined with weight loss, might give you the worst case of loose skin. 

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Exposure to the sun 

As you begin your weight loss journey, assess the weather conditions to ensure that it is the best for your skin and overall health. Chronic exposure to the sun reduces the production of elastin and collagen considerably. This affects the skin in many ways, and if you are working towards cutting weight, it causes extreme sagging of your skin. If you are going out on a sunny day, ensure that you apply a protective layer on your skin to reduce the impact of the exposure. 

Having loose skin may not seem like a challenge when you are fixed on losing weight. Afterward, you will realize that this will affect your physical appearance, which will, in turn, trigger emotional and psychological responses. There are different remedies for loose skin available. You can choose to use conventional ways such as resistance training, which will take time to yield results. On the other hand, you can opt for quick solutions such as cosmetic surgery to remedy the situation. Working with an expert in your weight loss journey is paramount to ensure that optimal results are achieved with minimal setbacks.