A woman’s body goes through many transitions during a lifetime. You need a compassionate professional to help you deal with the changing needs of your body. For women’s care in Arlington and Ballston, VA, the medical team at Capital Women’s Care Division 67 offers comprehensive services for every phase of your life.


There is a right time to think about having a baby. If you haven’t reached the point in life where you want to become a mom, your OB/GYN can help you choose a form of contraception. You have many options and your medical provider can explain the pros and cons of each one. They can also warn you about kinds of contraceptives to use if you have problems with your heart or blood pressure.


When you are ready to build a family, you need to talk to your gynecologist about your health. You want to be in the best shape possible, for your sake and the baby’s. The better your health is before you get pregnant, the better your odds of staying healthy over the next nine months. Your OB/GYN can advise you on diet and exercise before and after the baby comes. Regular appointments will monitor your health and that of your baby, and your gynecologist will be alert for any signs of trouble. You might want to consider a certified nurse-midwife for the delivery. Either way, when it is time to welcome your baby, you will have the help you need during delivery. For the best chance of having a healthy child, make sure to follow your routine examination schedule and abide by the advice you receive about exercise and diet.

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Some women find themselves ready to have a baby, only to face the heartbreak of having difficulty conceiving. If you are trying to get pregnant with no luck, the professionals at Women’s Care Division 67 offer help. If it’s been a year or at least six months for women over 35, you may be diagnosed with infertility.

They offer infertility treatment options that can help improve your chances of getting pregnant. If your problems are caused by hormone issues, your OB/GYN may prescribe Clomid, to stimulate ovulation. If you suffer from PCOS, you may be prescribed Metformin. This can help lower the level of male hormones to increase ovulation.

Weight Loss

Obesity in America has been rising steadily for years. It can be a struggle for a lot of women to keep themselves at a healthy weight. There are many societal factors that add increased pressure for women to lose weight, as well.

Everywhere you look, there is a new diet plan that promises instant results. Many of them are false claims or unhealthy starvation diet plans. When you need to lose weight, who should you trust?

The weight-loss specialist at Women’s Care can help you with a full spectrum program that includes a diet for weight loss, exercise plan, and individual support. The medically supervised program can help you drop the weight you need, quickly and safely. They will take you through four phases of the plan, so you can reach your goals and keep the weight off for good.

Whatever issues you are suffering through, you need to get help as soon as you can. The professionals at Capital Women’s Care can help you deal with it and enjoy a higher quality of life.

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