Lemons are the type of fruits that have grown in reputation for all the right reasons. In this article, we take a look at some of the reasons why a simple fruit like this one can attract so many positives in the planet. We hope by the end of it, whenever life throws lemons at you, you`ll make good use of the opportunity, literally!

The Health Benefits of Eating Lemons

  • Hinders Kidney Stones
  • Maintains Body pH
  • Protection Against some Diseases
  • Absorption of Anti-oxidants
  • Helps with Common Colds
  • Help with Vitamin C Deficiency
  • Good Dental Care
  • Helps in Burns
  • Skin Care
  • Reduces the Risk of Inflammatory Disorders

1. Hinder Kidney Stones

We all know that lemons have good citric acid content in them. This acid plays a role in hindering kidney stones and, of all the citrus fruits, lemon has the highest concentration. Citric acid helps in slackening the formation process of kidney stones by preventing minute crystals from clumping together to form even larger ones.

2. Maintains Body pH

Even though the citric acid content in lemons is significantly high, lemons are alkaline foods. The citric acid inside the body helps in keeping the pH within the required range of value. By doing an efficient job at this, it, by extension, also helps to prevent cancer, fatigue, and even weight gain.

3. Protection against some Diseases

Other than citric acid, it turns out that lemons have a variety of other beneficial ingredients. One of this is beta-cryptoxanthin. Multiple sources and studies indicate that the beta-cryptoxanthin is a very efficient tool for protection against diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular ailments.

4. Absorption of Anti-oxidants

Free-radicals are the causative agents for a myriad of illnesses, among them, being various forms of cancers which are readily countered by antioxidants. When you add some lemon juice into things like green tea, you are increasing the ability of the absorption of the vital antioxidants found in lemons to your body.

5. Helps with Common Colds

Lemons are also bestowed with a good content of vitamin C. The only concrete fact that has been established is that people who take foods rich in this vitamin, (lemons being one of them) have much milder symptoms and shorter durations of cold. This allows them to keep on working, free from any disturbance, for example having to blow a running nose or cool down a cough. Meaning that if you are working in a farm, you can continue performing high intense work such as using the best garden tillers while preparing your garden for cultivation.

6. Helps with Vitamin C Deficiency

When the human body has had too little of a certain nutrient, it’s certain that some detrimental effects will be experienced. Vitamin C is no exception to this and we find various conditions arising out of this deficiency. This includes diseases such as scurvy and anemia. By adding lemons to part of your diet, you are less likely to get such conditions.

7. Good Dental Care

Lemons have a significant role that they play in the care of teeth. When you extract fresh juice from them and have it applied to a place where you are having a toothache, it can help with alleviating the pain.

8. Removes Burns

When fresh lemon juice is added to the treatment of burns, it can prove to be of immense value. Applying it to the areas of somewhat old burns can greatly help in making the scars fade away.

9. Skin Care

The garden often comes with its challenges. You may be spacing your tomatoes and all of a sudden, you get a heat rash! However, lemon juice is an organic antiseptic that can also extend its abilities to curing such skin issues. Other than reducing the pain that comes with bee stings, it works well in the management of eczema and even acne. It can also help out in wrinkle reduction as well as the elimination of blackheads.

10. Reduces the Risk of Inflammatory Disorders

Some studies like one taken from the Clinical Nutrition Journal of America show other uses of the beta-cryptoxanthin. This is the functionality of reducing the chances of development of some disorders that come with inflammatory effects like in rheumatoid arthritis.


Hoping that you have now decided to start eating lemons, encourage more people to follow you by sharing this article with family and friends. Are there any healthy, but ‘unwanted’ fruits out there?