E-cigarettes deliver nicotine to a body without someone inhaling the smoke. They are battery-powered and commonly called e-Cigs. Since 2008, E-Cigs are often used in the United States. The FDA regulated e-Cigs in 2014.

The main difference between usual cigarettes and e-cigarettes is that e-Cigs don’t have tobacco. Some people might find using e-cigarettes complicated. Here are the things to know before starting to use e-cigs:

  1. E-cigs are more complicated

Conventional cigarettes can be easily handled and stored, but e-cigs is not that easy. E-cig is made up of different components that offer the best experience.

Most cigarettes have three parts that include a capsule, vaporizer, and battery. There are different vaporizers. There are vaporizers for wax, e-liquid, oil, etc. The capsule carries fluid solution of various substances, nicotine, and seasonings. The battery powers the cigarettes. Different e-cigs have different e-liquid flavors, and the consumer can choose from these flavors to improve flavor and taste of the cigarettes.

  1. E-cigarettes and their cost

The cost is relatively low after initial purchase as compared to conventional cigarettes. Those who want to start using e-cigs will find that the cost will be one of the biggest motivation.

  1. E-cigs are not safer alternatives

The fact that e-cigs doesn’t have tobacco doesn’t mean it cannot harm the user. Tobacco isn’t the only cause of tobacco. E-cigs contain additional chemicals which might have serious consequences on the health. The flavored liquid is heated, and it emits vapor. The vapor contains nicotine which has serious effects on the body.

  1. E-cigs may not assist in quitting smoking

There have been several claims that e-cigs can help in quitting smoking. However, these claims are still early, and there are no studies that back the claim. If you intend to stop smoking, then you will need more effort.

  1. It’s possible to smoke and vape

Since e-cigarettes are flavored, most smokers prefer to vape while smoking. This gives them a different experience. Even though it is possible to smoke and vape, it is dangerous since you will be inhaling nicotine.

The recent increase in e-cigs and vaping has led to a lot of confusion among many people.

If you want to start smoking e-cig, you need to know what you are adding to your body. A study published in Tobacco Control journal proved that the contents of e-cigs are not always straightforward. Researchers found that even though nicotine labels state that there is no nicotine in some vape liquid, 43% of 23 e-liquid containers do contain nicotine.

  1. E-cigs are regulated

The FDA regulated e-cigs, and it has strict regulations as teens and kids might start smoking e-cigs. This may lead them to start smoking cigarettes when they become adults.

  1. Sometimes E-cigs explode

When Samsung introduced Galaxy Note 7, there were many cases of explosion, and now it seems that anything with a battery can explode. In fact, there are cases of severe risk hazards due to the explosion of batteries.

  1. Different brands of e-cigs might have different chemicals

Manufacturers of e-cigs can add different chemicals in e-cigarettes as there are no standards when it comes to making them. Different brands have different cartridges and e-liquids from various sizes. The varying size can lead to unusual composition of chemicals.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that e-cigs that you consume don’t expose you to too many chemicals. These chemicals can be harmful.

  1. They can be refilled

Perhaps, the fact that e-cigs can be refilled has made it more popular. Refillable liquid cartridges and containers are cost effective and offer the chance to refill with different flavors. This can help when building preferences and taste.

  1. Children can smoke e-cigarettes as well

As we have seen that e-cigs have different flavors, some e-cigs has sweetened flavors. The sweetened flavors tend to attract children. When e-cigs are not regulated, children might be tempted to smoke them due to the sweet flavor.


You need to know the above facts before switching to e-cigs. You need to be aware of the risk associated with e-cigs to reduce the health-related problems. You should also be up to date on the research conducted of e-cigarettes.