We have all heard it before: An organized home is a happy home. When there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place, your life becomes a whole lot easier and a lot more comfortable. You save time and effort and stay away from all types of stress. You don’t find yourself scrambling through your rooms looking for your keys or your wallet as you rush to the door. You don’t get up in the morning, already worried about where your football jersey is or where your shoes are. All your meals are prepared before time and perfectly because all the ingredients and all the appliances that you needed were right where they were supposed to be and were within your arm’s reach. No meal is canceled and no urgent calls for takeaway are given.

Life is smooth. No matter how many things you have, whether it’s your wallet, car keys, a toy, e-juice, or a multitude of other items, you can find them easily whenever you want. What we have talked about above is the ideal situation. But we all know that for most of us, things are a lot more hectic and a lot less organized than that. Every room has its own clutter and just the thought of cleaning it up and organizing it can overwhelm the best of us.

Fortunately, managing your household products and organizing your rooms is not rocket science. With just a few tips and tricks you can become great at handling clutters and getting rid of them. Keeping your house clean and organized is just a few steps away, so bear with us as we share some tips and secrets with you. Before we begin, just keep a few pointers in your mind. First of all, group all like items together. It will be easier for you to find. You can either categorize them according to the frequency that you use them or you can categorize them according to what they are. It’s up to you.


There are also small things that you can do to brighten up your place and make it a little less scary like putting in a light. So, without further ado, here are some of the top tips to keep your household items organized and easily accessible:

Start With the Kitchen

Your kitchen is most probably the area that sees the most traffic in the house. Most people start with low traffic areas and move their way up to the real rooms, but that is a mistake. If you want to get organized fast and manage all the items and products that exist in your house, you have to start with the area that sees the most use. This way, once you are done with the place, you will find out that the heaviest work is already done and the other rooms will be just a breeze.

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This will make sure that you don’t waste time, effort and feel stressful when you are cooking, eating, or more. The first thing that you have to do is to store the things that you use most frequently near your reach. These will be the pots and pans that you use to cook. Keep them near the stove or the range. Keep your bowls and other food preparation items near the counter-top where you prepare the food. The plates, spoons, glasses, and flatware all go near the dishwasher so that you don’t have to travel from one point to another carrying them bit by bit when you need to wash them.

Arrange Appliances

You have to do with your appliances what you did with your cutlery and your pots and pans. Keep them where you think you will need to use them. The appliances that you use on a regular basis, like the coffee maker or the toaster, will go near the counter. Those appliances that are used not so frequently will go on a shelf below the counter or in a cabinet. For those appliances that are used only rarely, you can either give them a shelf of their own on top or a lower shelf at the bottom.

Remember, the most frequently used items will get the space where you can easily reach them. You don’t want to stand on your toes every morning to get the coffeemaker, now do you?

Keep Same Things Together

As discussed earlier, you have to categorize things if you want to store them in an orderly fashion so that when you need them you know the general area. For example, put all the spoons in the same drawer or the same ceramic pot. All the spices should be on the same drawer or shelf. When you have a rough idea of where an item could be, you will spend less time finding it.

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Store Items According To Their Need

The most frequently used items will go someplace that is waist high so you can reach them easily and effortlessly. These are the most accessible places in your entire house, but especially in the kitchen. Or keep them at eye level. Heavy items go below the waist level and light articles that are seldom used can be stored above eye level. Simple! Right?

Use Baskets and Bins

Don’t just throw small items into drawers and cabinets as they will make a mess and create quite a clutter which you will have to clear out later. It will also make finding them a real pain in your neck (sometimes literally). Use baskets or bins to keep the same type of items together like cleaning supplies and other things.

Use See Through Containers

Have you ever been in a situation when you had to find a specific spice and you had to open every jar and bin to see if that’s where you stored it? Don’t worry! We’ve all been there. The best way to handle this problem is to use see-through containers so that you can easily find out which one is the one that you want.

Declutter Annually

The most important thing to keep your household products organized and placed properly is to have an annual inventory check of all the utensils, products, cookware, and other items. Keep the ones that you want and throw everything else away. You might see that you have two or more of the same thing or something might be damaged beyond repair. There could also be things that you had bought on a whim and never used them. Take all those things out of your closets, cabinets, drawers so that you can have more room for the stuff that you actually need.


If you know how much space you have and you properly assign a spot for everything and make sure that you put the things in their proper place after using them, you will have an organized household where every product will be in its place and easy to find when you need to use it.