Our health is the foremost thing which we care about and it can be achieved with the help of proper exercises. Nowadays, we have busy sessions at our workplace, sitting round the clock with no movements and then coming home tired. But if you do not find time to go out to attend a Gym or cannot spend money on the modern equipments. So, here are some 10 without equipments indoor exercises which you can do from the comfort of your home without any difficulty.

Dance Your Way!

This is one of the easiest exercises which one can practice from the comfort of their home. Dancing is one of the greatest exercises because it helps in keeping your whole body in movement and muscles are stretched so that it provides strength to them. It also helps in burning those extra calories so just sweat a lot with your dance movements and the happiest thing is that you can do it at the privacy of your own home.

Ready for Some Lunges

This form of exercise is mainly concentrated on your leg areas because it works on your lower body. In this you just have to lean and make a lunge until your knees get into a right angle position and then you can hop around while keeping your hands at the back of your head. It may pain a little in the beginning but after regular practice it will help you in making your lower body strong.

Clean your Home

This exercise can be done regularly as it will help you in losing extra inches without even spending a penny. This will help you to lose fat as it involves maximum physical activity because you have to kneel down, sometimes squat on the floor and your arms also keep on moving. It is great exercise for your tummy and thighs and it helps in tightening your muscles.

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Go for Some Great Push-Ups

The Push-ups can be done in your room and you can start it in an easy manner. It helps you in building your muscle power and works on your legs and thighs. You can do it with the help of both of your hands. If you are worrying about that extra sweat, then you need not to worry as you can keep some natural cleaning body wipes at your side to clean that extra dirt and make your body germ free.

Regular Squats

Squatting is also a good exercise as you can do it in your home by standing and sitting with the help of your legs. This exercise is amazing as it works upon your legs and hip area and you can shed some extra inches so that you can fit in the old pair of your jeans. It may cause pain in the beginning in your muscle area but if you do it regularly it will prove very helpful.

Become a Climber

This can be performed at your home by kneeling in a position of a climber. You can kneel on your knees and take steps by moving forward while touching your chest. As you are taking steps just turn them into running by doing it bit faster. You can repeat it according to your capacity as it helps in strengthening your muscles.

Hard Core Workout

If you want a good athletic body then the hard core workout is best as it helps in building your muscle power and body. In this you can start with some stringent workout session by doing push-ups according to your capacity at a stretch mixed with some lunges and squats. After that you can go for reverse lunges too which should be done in a fast manner. If you are feeling exhausted and cannot go for a shower then to clean that sweating from your body you can use body wipes.

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Jump a Little

Another way to keep your body fit and well as it helps in losing some inches from your body and burn extra fat which is deposited on your curves. It is very simple as you can do it at any point of time whenever you are free. You just have to jump a little on the same position which will help you a lot.

Step Up and Down

We all have steps in our house or a staircase in the interiors of our home which are very useful for keeping our body fit. We can use it to go up and down as it will help in cutting out on the extra fat and helps in making our lower body strong.

Jog at One Place

If you do not find time to go for jogging outside then you need not to worry as you can do it at the comfort of your home. You can just start jogging at one place in your home which will help in burning extra calories and reduction of weight.

So, we can see that without equipments you can also tone up your body well which in turn gives it a great shape.