shutterstock 689445088Being in the office five days a week can really take a toll on you. It’s not good for the company if you get drained because it will affect the entire business flow if you can’t do your job properly. This is why having healthy snacks can be helpful to keep your energy up while at work.


Here are some healthy and tasty options that you should have in the office:



  • Trail Mix



If you want to have a little bit of everything, trail mix can be your go-to snack option. It combines foods that are rich in fiber, protein, and healthy fats. The healthy snacks from SnackNation have trail mix in their choices, so you can always order snacks from food delivery services like them. You can also whip up your own trail mix by combining dried fruit, nuts, seeds, and your other favorite ingredients.



  • Dried Fruit



Fruits are a no-brainer healthy snacking option. If you feel that slicing or peeling apples and oranges is an inconvenience, you can always go for dried fruit. It’s perfect for when you want something sweet for an afternoon pick-me-up. It’s full of fiber, so it’s good for your digestive health.



  • Crackers



There are healthy crackers available on the market that are a much better choice for office snacks than regular ones. You can look for those that are made of whole grains and don’t contain saturated fat. Crackers are perfect to pair with Kenko Matcha when you feel hungry in between meals.



  • Nuts



Nuts are great if you want convenient snacks that you can easily reach for on your desk. Nuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are good for heart health. It can help lower blood pressure and lessen the risk of heart attacks. Some of the nuts you can munch on include almonds, pistachios, walnuts, and pecans.

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  • Jerky



If you’re trying to reduce the amount of food you eat every meal, try snacking on some jerky. It’s packed full of protein, which will make you feel full longer. Choose jerkies that have low sodium content and are free from fillers and artificial preservatives because these varieties aren’t healthy for you.



  • Nut Butter



Nut butter is a versatile snack option. You can grab a spoon and eat it straight out of the jar if you want or you can mix it with other snacks as well. You can spread it over bread, fruit, or crackers. Those that contain fewer or no additives are the perfect healthy choice, especially when you’re on a keto diet.



  • Granola



When you have days when you want to go plain or do something different with your snacks, go for granola. You can eat it as it is if you don’t feel like getting up from your desk, or you can add it to some milk or yogurt from the fridge in the breakroom.



  • Veggie Chips



shutterstock 768948793If you’re not yet over with your potato chip snacking habits, you can switch to veggie chips. These are healthier options than regular potato chips. There are many veggie chip varieties you can choose from, including carrots, zucchini, taro, and kale. You should also opt for the baked ones instead of the deep-fried chips so to avoid consuming too much oil.



  • Dark Chocolate
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For the chocolate lovers out there, dark chocolate is your snack. The darker the chocolate, the healthier it is for you because it means less sugar compared to milk chocolate. Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants that increase cognition and magnesium that can help relieve stress – perfect for days when there’s a lot of draining work at the office.



  • Yogurt



Yogurt is known for its digestive health benefits. It contains probiotics that help balance the bacteria in your gut and prevent diarrhea. It’s also full of vitamins and minerals and low in calories. You can eat yogurt plain, or you can add nuts, granola, or trail mix for some crunch. There are also flavor varieties you can choose from if you don’t like eating plain yogurt.



  • Roasted Seaweed



Seaweed is also full of vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, B, E, and K. It’s also beneficial for your weight loss goals because it helps delay your hunger. Dried seaweeds are available at health food stores, and there are ready-to-eat packs that you don’t need to cook.


Final Thoughts


Work environments can be stressful, and at some point during the day, you’d need a break from all the work you have to do. Having healthy options in the office is a great way to give you a boost especially during long and draining days. Stack on the snacks above so you can have healthy and tasty breaks.