Eyelashes are one of the essential parts of the eye which prevent dust, harmful insects and other forms of dirt from getting into the eye. The eyelash can also be enhanced to look more beautiful and presentable. In this case, the enhancement only applies for women who can apply mascara to darken or even make them longer. Anyone who desires eyelash extension need to have knowledge on how to fix them, or else look for a professional who will fix them at a cost. Well placed eyelash extensions give a very beautiful look.

Types of lashes

Eyelashes are made from these synthetic materials, such as mink and silk hair. There are different methods of applying eyelash extensions, such as one by one extensions, clusters, full strips and individuals. The following are the main types of eyelash extensions:

  • Semi permanent eyelashes
    These are eyelashes that are applied with a strong bond that is enough for them to fall out on their own. For these eyelashes to stay longer without falling off, do not use oily eye makeup. While in the process of application, avoid any glue or eyelash coming into contact with your eyelid.


  • Temporally false lashes
    They are not water-proof and only designed to last for a period of not less than 2days.You cannot swim, shower or sleep with them.


  • Permanent eyelashes
    These are the natural eyelash that condones any condition. These can be enhanced by mascara or use of home remedies for eyelash growth.


Process of eyelash application

This depends on the number of lashes used, the type of lashes, venue where extensions are performed and the skills of the beautician. The essence of Argan also helps to improve the look on the lashes. Here are some facts about eyelashes you should know:

  • Individuals have a different number of lashes which range from 35-80 per eye.
  • It takes a minimum of 1 hour to complete fixing eyelashes.
  • Maintaining eyelashes requires you to fix them or replace them in 2-4 weeks, whereby they start falling off. Avoid the shame by always having a spare eyelash in your bag.
  • You can also maintain natural beautiful thick and long eyelashes. This is by using home remedies for eyelash growth such as splashing them twice in a day with cold water.
  • While applying the additional eyelashes, you should avoid tampering your eyelid with the eyelash glue. Let the additional lashes and glue lie on the lash line. If you cannot do it perfectly well, visit a qualified beautician.
  • Avoid oily eye makeup since it leads to early fall off of the lashes.
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Advantages of eyelash extension

  • Are versatile

They can be worn in any occasion i.e. casual or official. There are different colors for mascara mostly used for casual wear. In this case, the only applicable is the temporary eyelash mascara.


  • Enhance appearance

Eyelash extension gives gorgeous look i.e. Enhances the general facial look.


  • Are convenient

This refers to the semi permanent eyelash extensions since they can be changed on a daily basis.



  • Addictive

Once you begin using eyelash extensions, it will be very difficult to avoid applying them regularly. You will always feel something is missing for you to be complete.


  • Costly

The cost of having a beautician professionally fix the eyelashes is too high. You would rather use mascara or other simple home remedies for eyelash growth.


  • Requires long application

Fixing eyelashes take a very long time i.e. a minimum of 2 hours. It is very tiring having someone working on your eyes without giving you a break.


  • Requires extensive maintenance

After a period of 3 – 4 weeks, the lashes tend to start falling off. This gives an indication that you will have to keep replacing them.

Latest reviews on eyelash extensions

  • In the latest reviews on the eyelash extensions, the essence of argan oil may also be used as home remedy for natural long eyelashes. This is a better and cheaper way of replacing false eyelashes.
  • Some reviews state on caution while choosing mascara. This is because some of them may cause harm to the eyes.
  • Also stated in the latest review of eyelash extensions is a new brand of eyelashes that is the lightest ever. They are so natural on the look such that you cannot differentiate them with the natural eyelashes
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Eyelash extension is one of the best ways to enhance your beauty. Some of the eyelash extensions are found in plenty and at an affordable price making it easy for ladies to be able to maintain presentable looks. These extensions resemble the original usual eyelashes hence giving a more natural look. Avoid too long eyelashes to prevent too much attention. Eyelash extensions give a very thick look while keeping your eyes safe from any injury or dust that cause infections. Male and female have eyelashes but only female need to enhance theirs.
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