One cup of coffee a day.Do you find yourself craving coffee every morning after you wake up and if one day you go without it, you find yourself going completely berserk? Is Starbucks your frequent stoppage on the way to run an errand? Is the smell of caffeine so stimulating to you that you can spend the entire day drinking cups of it? Is your normal life affected by the presence/lack of coffee? If you agree with most of these questions, then you are indeed a coffee addict. Now, before you start stressing yourself out due to the complete control that coffee has over your life, you should know that coffee brings with it certain benefits which proves that if consumed regularly once or twice it can help you fight depression, create a hindrance between you and the deadly skin cancer, thwart obesity and Parkinson’s disease,etc. Make coffee your best friend instead of your worst enemy because it sure has lots of advantages. The following six tips will make your coffee consumption a much healthier experience.

  • Get Organic Coffee: If You like to drink coffee on a daily basis, then you should stick to healthy habits and the first step towards it is your inclusion of organic coffee in your diet. You should strictly stay away from flavored coffees because even though they appeal to your taste buds they tend to have artificial flavorings.  Wondering why you should avoid conventional coffee? Well, pesticides and other types of harmful chemicals are used in the growing and processing of most coffee beans and organic coffee is a guarantee that it falls under the exception to this rule.
  • Get rid of the Cream and Sugar: If you are someone who enjoys black coffee, then following this habit should be a piece of cake for you. But in case you love a creamy and sweet cup of coffee, it is time for you to change your taste palate. Keeping away from refined sugars and saturated fat-  packed dairy creamers will benefit you in the long run. If you desperately crave for some cream or sweetness then you can use unsweetened coconut milk or almond milk and even raw cream is known to replace sugar due to it’s natural sweetness and ability to cut out the bitter taste of coffee.
  • Purchase Whole Beans and you can Crush them at Home: If you make your own coffee at home, it would not only save you tons of money but also help you avoid those unnecessary calories that the gluttonous you has a tendency of consuming when you order a Frappuccino with tons of sugar, cream and ice cream. Get hold of coffee beans and grind them at home and enjoy a cup of freshly brewed semi indulgence everyday.Krup’s coffee grinder is one of the top coffee makers for in the market.
  • Stick to One Cup per day: If you are a coffee addict who drinks 10 to 15 cups per day then reducing it straight to one cup might hamper your health in the sense that the withdrawal symptoms that you will undergo have a chance of making you neurotic /depressive. The good news is that if you avoid Starbucks and it’s unhealthy options and consume coffee in your own place, the amount (8 ounces) can be easily handled by your liver. You can include half decaf or when you indulge in a second brewing make sure that it is from the same beans.
  • Enjoy Coffee after a Meal: Most people prefer to have coffee on an empty stomach the minute they wake up. Due to caffeine , your body lets out sugar in your bloodstream which in turn makes the pancreas to release insulin. If you are indeed on an empty stomach, this can make your blood sugar drop down drastically which results in further sugar cravings. Also, the caffeine in your coffee has a tendency to cut down your appetite making you feel less hungry than usual. As all of us know that frequent consumption of food at three hour intervals is required for a healthy and balanced diet and coffee on an empty stomach creates a hindrance in this.
  • Savor it slowly: Enjoy your coffee to the fullest without feeling the slightest bit of guilt (if you are following all the above tips). In many cultures coffee is celebrated as a ritual instead of a bad habit and it makes sense because taking in too much of this beverage might result in caffeine overload which of course is extremely harmful for your health. Coffee shouldn’t be gulped down in a hurry, instead it should be enjoyed as an enjoyable experience where you are imbibing the flavor, taste and sensations slowly .
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