If you have recently been injured at work, you may have already visited your doctor at least once for treatment. Many workplace injuries are severe, and you may be thinking about hiring a disability or workplace injury attorney for legal representation. Before you take this step, you should reach out to your doctor to obtain more information about your specific health issues.


Will I Recover Fully?

You should not assume that you will heal completely from your injury. The effects of your injury may linger with minor pains and limited range of motion for the rest of your life. In some cases, the injury is significant enough to leave you with a disability and you may not be able to work in your previous position again. Remember to document all prognoses and diagnoses in writing. This documentation may be required if you decide to file a lawsuit against your employer. However, remember that the company may file a countersuit against you. You must ensure that you have a solid, strong case to support your claims. If no party is at fault, you may need to consult a disability lawyer to file a claim to get the help you need.


How Long Will It Take to Recover?

Another important question to ask relates to recovery time. Even if your doctor is certain that you will eventually recover and return to full health, this process could take months of treatment. During this time, you may need frequent medical appointments, numerous surgeries, ample time off of work and more. These are factors that can affect your ability to earn income, and they could also increase expenses.


What Is the Treatment Plan?

When documenting your medical situation, ask your doctor for a written treatment plan. This plan should outline specific procedures that you will need, the length of time that you will need therapy, how long you should recuperate at home and other aspects of your treatment. If surgeries or other procedures are needed, you may need to piece together quotes from different specialists to document the cost of your medical services and to better prepare financially for the entire recovery process.


When you are injured at work, worker’s compensation insurance may pay for most of your medical expenses and may compensate you for lost wages. However, this type of coverage is not always available, or it may not cover all expenses. It is important to understand the financial ramifications of treatment in comparison to benefits available to you up-front. By asking these important questions, you can better determine if you would benefit from legal representation at any point throughout the recovery process.