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The health care industry is one of the fastest growing career fields. Here are three of the most unique health care jobs that promise excellent salaries and career options.

Medication Technician

Medication technicians are usually experienced certified medication aides (CMAs) whose primarily job is to administer medications and treatments. They provide both scheduled and emergency medication administration according to established procedures. Medication technicians are supervised by licensed health care providers. Medication technicians in turn supervise patience who self-administer medications and report any changes in conditions or behaviors to management. They maintain detailed records regarding medication distribution, incidents and observations. Medication technicians must be knowledgeable of hundreds of individual medication interactions and side effects. Medication technicians may pursue different career paths, such as working with pediatric, obstetric and geriatric patients. They also must have excellent observational, communication and organizational skills.

Registered Nurse

The career growth for RNs is expected to grow at 16 percent. These health care professionals perform routine patient services, such as screening patients, compiling medical histories, measuring vital signs and maintaining patient records. They often assist physicians with exams, physicals and surgical procedures. They also administer medication, order lab work, observe patients and provide routine therapies and treatments. RNs have the opportunity to specialize in unique areas, such as surgery, psychiatry, orthopedics and gynecology. Some RNs become operational supervisors and oversee units in outpatient and urgent care departments as well as clinics and residential facilities. Others go into administration and supervise office staff, billing services and facility maintenance. Those who want to become a nurse will have to attend an accredited nursing program. Some schools, provide students with opportunities to learn through theory and practical application. Becoming trained in these ways helps lead to productive careers in nursing.

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Health Care Fraud Investigator

Healthcare fraud investigators are responsible for investigating suspected fraudulent health care behaviors. Some focus on health care fraud committed by patients, but others focus on abusive or unethical behaviors committed by medical professionals. They typically deal with five to 10 new cases every week, so they have heavy caseloads. They interview witnesses, review evidence, document actions and report any illegal activities in accordance with all applicable laws. This involves coordinating and communicating with medical professionals, insurance reps, health care consumers and members of the public. Senior fraud investigators conduct on-site claim and clinical audits of processes, systems and programs. Health care fraud investigators are sometimes called upon to testify regarding their investigation during legal proceedings.

As an additional alternative, paramedics are emergency medical service experts who work in a variety of settings, from hospitals to helicopters