A great fragrance catches our attention very quickly. It has an effect on our minds that no other stimulant can have. It can change our mood instantaneously. Over the time, people have realized that aromas and fragrances can be more purposeful than just acting as a room freshener and giving your home a pleasant smell. It has a variety of health benefits as well.  Out of all the sense organs, our nose is a unique one.

The sense of smell has been a great gift to mankind as it protects our body against some potential threats to our life or health. when we inhale an aroma, the molecules are exposed to a layer called olfactory epithelium that is in our nasal passage. The signals received from the aroma or the fragrance, are then sent to the brain center for interpretation.

Here comes the part, where it becomes different from the rest of the senses in our body. The signals from scents or aromas are interpreted by that part of the brain which handles the release of chemicals in our blood. Thus, the function of this part of our brain becomes extremely important. Hence, the impact that fragrances have on our body is bigger than we think.


Aromatherapy has a lot to offer us. Some of the benefits of aromatherapy are:

  • Reduces stress:

Doesn’t aromatherapy sounds relaxing? Indeed, it is! Well, there is science behind it. Aromatherapy making use of Lavender oil are said to reduce stress. A study reveals that people who used aromatherapy were experiencing a great relief in pain and a great reduction in stress level as compared to the people who were not using aromatherapy. People who have been fighting cancer have also showed a reduction in stress levels.

  1.    Helps in fighting depression:
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Vibrant and citrus aromas have higher tendencies to decrease the after effects of depression. A massage of good essential oils that have good aroma always helps in managing the depression levels and brings back the smile on your face.

  1.   Improves Blood pressure:

People suffering from hypertension are the ones that can avail the benefits of aromatherapy. Aromatherapy offers you an opportunity to relax and maintain the blood pressure in the permissible range of a healthy human body.

  1.    Manages pain:

When talking about the benefits of aromatherapy, this is one of the best of all. There are aromas that help in the reduction of pain. Clary Sage is one of them. Not only does it reduces normal pain but is also beneficial for the women who have severe cramps in their stomach during their menstrual cycle.

Often aromatherapy is misinterpreted for relaxing the body, but,apart from the relaxation there are several health benefits that aromatherapy can offer. from pain management to stress relief to regulating the right blood pressure and curing depression, aromatherapy can be the doctor for all.

So if you are feeling low and want to energize your mind, inhale, get massage and feel all the stress drift away from you.