Do you often feel an intense ache going down from your neck through the spine? Is there a feeling as if a stone is tied to your back? Is the sensation stiff and painful? If you have these symptoms, you are obviously going through back pain and need medical help to resolve your suffering. 1

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Causes for Back Pain

There may be numerous reasons leading to your back pain. 

  • It may be the result of a back injury.
  • Fractures of the spinal cord or the discs of the vertebrae can lead to back pain.
  • A bulge or rupture in the vertebral disc may also be the cause. 
  •  Osteoporosis that debilitates the proper functioning of the spine may be the cause of your back pain.
  • Strain or spasms of the muscles may lead to it.
  • Pain may occur due to sciatica. 
  • Due to osteoarthritis, the spinal cord may narrow in formation, leading to immense pain.
  • Lifting heavy weights on the back or improper lifting of heavy materials can be the reason.
  • The formation of scoliosis or the side bulge of the spine leads to persistent back pain.
  • If a problem persists with the kidney, like infection or stone, it can develop back pain.
  • An improper posture like crouching while sitting at the desk that leads to tension in the muscles is mostly responsible for it. 
  • Sitting for a long time like a continuous train journey or bus-journey for long distances or driving for long hours can aggravate back pain.

Acute Medical conditions that lead to back pain: 

  • If one develops cauda equine, that is, tangling of the nerve roots that come out of the lower region of the spinal cord, he or she may suffer severe back pain.
  • The development of a tumor on the spine may be the cause.
  • Any infection on the spine or the spinal cord may be responsible for pain in the back.
  • Infection in the urinary bladder, gall bladder, pelvic muscles, and kidney can lead to pain.
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So, when should you visit a doctor?

If you are feeling back pain for two-three days, try some home remedies like a hot and cold compress, relaxing balms, and ointments, but if the problem persists for more than a week, it is time to seek immediate medical help. If you face an injury or any inflammation or swelling, know that the cause may be severe and proper treatment is imperative.

Ways to Diagnose:

Depending on your symptoms and case history, the doctor will recommend some routine tests. These can be X-Rays, CT Scans, or MRIs. If there is the possibility of osteoporosis or tumors, the doctor may recommend bone scans. In the case of suspected spinal stenosis, Electromyography of EMG will be done. According to the test results, the treatment will start, and you are strictly advised to go by the recommendation of your doctor. The doctor will probably recommend medication or medical treatment with other alternative therapies.

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The Medical Treatment

Medicines: Back Pain Treatment may start with the administration of some painkillers to relieve the pain. To numb the painful sensation, doctors often prescribe some narcotics for a limited period. Those should not be overused.

Therapy to reduce pain: Application of heat and ice compression and electrical stimulation may help in reducing the pain.

Application of Injections:  Botox or Cortisone injections may be used to reduce the pain to a considerable level and alleviate it with a few repetitions. 

Applying traction: If the pain is arising due to tension in the muscles or bones, traction helps reduce the problem considerably.

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Alternative Therapies:

Physio-therapy helps in relaxing the muscles and stretching the back to its normal position. Done over time, this is one of the best solutions to reduce any pain, including back pain.  

Regular Yoga practice under a knowledgeable teacher can help regulate muscles, bones, and spine. It helps to remove the stiffness in the back and brings flexibility to the whole body. It also corrects the posture of the body, removing any pain that can occur. 


Proper posture, immediate treatment of diseases, and regular light exercises like bending or stretching or yoga help keep away back pain. But if you have developed it, don’t wait to visit your doctor immediately.