It’s a known fact that Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. While the impure environment imposes a serious threat to the overall health of Delhi residents, the one organ which suffers the most is their skin. No wonder, Delhi ladies often complain about dull and lifeless skin, which are very much prone to acne and other rashes. Their worry magnifies several times if there is an important event around the corner. And which event could be more important than one’s own wedding? Hence, Delhi brides need a special skin-care regimen, which must include thorough cleansing to nullify the effect of pollution and make their skin shine in the images captured by their favorite candid photographers.

There are many tools available in the market which can absolutely clean the pores and banish all dirt, grime, and blackheads. But which one should you opt for? Read on to know more.


Cleansing wipes : These are probably the simplest and most widely used, and easiest to get too. These disposable pads thoroughly cleanse the pores, thereby eliminating any bacterial infestation. Some of them come with added herbs, moisturizers, and SPF. They don’t need any additional cleanser and effectively wipe out all traces of makeup from your face giving it a squeaky clean feel. The most popular brands available in Indian market are Neutrogena, Kara, Clean & Clear, Nivea, Johnson’s, The Body Shop etc.

Cleaning sponge : These sponges gently remove every bit of makeup and dirt from your face while exfoliating the same mildly. Take a drop of your favorite face wash on it and scrub your face in tender circular motion. You will see the difference from the very first usage and your skin will glow as if it has been polished. These are economical and sold by brands like Bare Essentials and Faces. The only downside is you need to spare a few moments after every usage to properly wash and dry them. Or else, they may harbor bacteria and molds.

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Make Up Tips

Silicone cleansing pad: If you are intrigued by the idea of religious cleaning and drying of the above sponges, you need to check out a silicone cleansing pad. These have soft tiny bristles to clean your pores and blunt bulges to polish your skin, thereby giving it a natural glow. The plus point is, these can be cleaned easily with soap water and they dry really fast after you shake and wipe them off. Economical and easy to use, they are available on Amazon, eBay, and Snapdeal.

Facial cleansing brushes : These brushes, designed especially for soft facial skin, have acquired a very important role in the daily skin-care regimen of urban Indian ladies. These are available in both manual and motorized versions. While the manual brushes are powerful cleansers, their motorized counterparts serve the dual purpose of deep cleaning and massaging. These brushes improve the skin texture by exfoliating the dead cells and impart a healthy glow to the face and neck. Regular usage has been attributed to reduction in break-outs. Both the types are readily available online. While the manual ones cost anywhere between Rs. 200 to 500, the motorized brushes from Olay and Oriflame would cost you a couple of thousands.

So, go ahead and pick your favorite tool for a gleaming skin, which you would love to flaunt on your wedding day.