What Democrats Forgot about in Their Healthcare Debate
The recent political situation has been heating up more and more, which sets great opportunities for various disputes to arise. In addition to that, in the time of topical presidential race that is currently taking place in the United States, the both parties, Democrats as well as Republicans, are striving to appear more persuasive to the citizens and to gain more of their trust by engaging in various debates and appearing eager to impose certain changes that seem crucial in a variety of areas of the life in the United States overall. Among those debates that we just mentioned, appeared the debate of the Democrats considering healthcare, as well as what the changes that should immediately be made in that area are. Nonetheless, according to the widespread opinion and the opinion of various specialists in the field, the debate derailed from the main issues in the area of healthcare. Therefore, this article aims to point out those things that the debate mentioned should have focused on, according to the opinion of the majority.

First of all, what the majority of the ones that followed the debate were disappointed by was the fact that the suggestions dedicated to the revision of healthcare practices brought up by Senator Sanders were dismissed by some liberal commentators, who grounded their opinion through addressing the Senator’s proposal as unrealistic and lacking in detail.

On the other hand, the majority of the ones who followed the recent debate have come to the conclusion that the debate itself did not focus on the crucial problems that the healthcare service in the United States is facing. What those people brought up as their main disappointment and what they have seen as the main weak point of the debate is that it lost its focus and realigned it from the main problems to discussing the merits and the feasibility of a single-payer Medicare-for-All universal healthcare system.

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ACA 2In order to explain why this particular act of the ones engaged in the debate has made the dissatisfaction of the people arise, it is crucial to bring up certain facts about the system called Medicare-for –All and all that is related to it. Medicare-for-All is an action that aimed to provide healthcare that is more affordable to the ones with medical insurance and also to help reduce the costs of medical treatment and medical practices as well as the costs of various medical supplements. The action Medicare for-All is tightly bonded with Affordable Care Act, or shortly, ACA, that was brought up under the mandate of the president Barak Obama in the year 2010.

Regardless of Medicare-for –All, Affordable Care Act was, at its core, a good idea that could have been practiced in order to make really crucial and remarkable changes in the area of healthcare in the United States. However, the majority of people informed about healthcare and especially those who work in that field got disappointed by the fact that ACA derailed from its original purpose and it actually did not meet the expectations that it had set in the first place.

When it comes to what the debate of the democrats regarding public health service in the United States should have been focused on according to the opinion of the majority, the majority claims that the real debate should have been about how, as a cooperative society, they may get down to preventing the forces from imposing medical supplements and treatments that reach implausibly exorbitant prices. According to the majority, the real debate should not have been focused on whether a single payer is a right solution when it comes to the financial matters of healthcare.

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The main thing that the real debate of the democrats should have been about, according to the majority, is the fact that the costs of healthcare still do exceed the financial standards of numerous citizens who still struggle with how to afford their treatment. In order to provide them with accessible treatment, the democrats should have paid attention to bringing up the drug control as the main topic of their debate, as well as how it would be possible to provide a public option when it comes to medical supplements. According to the majority of the people who were dissatisfied with the results of the debate, the ultimate goal that the debaters should have set was the previously mentioned control of the prices of the drugs as well as insurance rate regulation.

To sum up, according to the ones that left their negative comments on the debate, the main reason they did so was the fact that the debate did not focus on the crucial issues in healthcare. In their opinion, the debate should have focused on the fact that the action Medicare-for –All was firstly brought up as s transformational movement that should have improved the healthcare standards and made healthcare services affordable to the vast majority of citizens. Therefore, these people hope that the debates that are about to be held are going to focus on the crucial issues, and not on the issues regarding the practice of a single payer.

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