4 Exercises That Can Ease Chronic Back Pain and Align Your Vertebrae

If you have ever suffered from back pain, or you know somebody that has, you are well aware of the problems that it can cause. Such pain can negatively impact many different areas of your life and make it difficult to perform even the most basic of daily functions. Thankfully, there has been some positive breakthroughs in recent years that can help you in this area. Take a look now at four different exercises that can ease chronic back pain and help to properly align your vertebrae.


Pilates emphasizes balanced movements throughout the core of your body. It is a way to strengthen the muscles of your body, including your back, by engaging in a variety of exercises designed to bring more fluidity to your entire person. The back is the primary benefactor of such exercises. Pilates requires minimum resistance, and recovery time is almost zero. This is a great way to focus on your back by doing some targeted exercises designed to alleviate your pain.


Yoga combines spiritual, mental, and physical components of healing. These are all shown to be effective in the easing of back pain. While it is a form of exercises that require very little exertion, it is a way to stretch those back muscles and to focus your mind at overcoming the mental aspect of pain. This can help turn away the pain by improving your posture as well.

Surgery for Spine Related Issues

There are times when surgery is the best way to overcome back pain. Professionals, like those at Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, PC, know how serious back pain can be for those suffering from it. Medical advances and emerging technologies in this area have allowed doctors to help their patients overcome spine related issues. By aligning the vertebrate in a way that provides natural healing, back pain will begin to go away. Surgery no longer needs to be something that you fear.

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Foundation Training

If your body is a bit too weak to benefit from or be engaged in pilates or yoga, foundation training is for you. There is no equipment involved, and these are simple exercises designed to better align the core of your body and bring about healing. You will begin to notice yourself getting stronger over time after engaging in foundation training.

You have to know yourself and what works best for you and your situation. Give these four options a try and see which one provides you the best relief. You do not have to live with your back pain forever. Take this advice and gain control back over your life once again.