Doctor takes blood pressure

Workers in the medical field play important roles in the lives of patients by diagnosing and treating various health conditions and providing preventative care. In addition to being a primary care physician, there are many other career options in the medical field that can leave a positive on society. Here are four healthcare careers that make a real impact on the lives of patients.

Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner must undergo more education and training than standard registered nurses. Nurse practitioners are often called upon to perform many of the same duties as doctors to help ease the burden from physicians who are sometimes overworked. Prescribing medications, ordering lab tests and giving patients their test results are just a few of the tasks that are associated with this job.

Medical Laboratory Scientist

There is often a shortage in medical laboratory scientist personnel, which makes this one of the most in-demand careers. Recently, there has been a shortage of medical laboratory personnel in the industry. Blood and other bodily fluid samples are analyzed by these professionals to help diagnose diseases and other medical conditions. These experts play a crucial role in infection control and can educate other medical staff and the general public on how to prevent the spread of diseases. Medical laboratory scientists can also choose to specialize in chemical biochemistry, toxicology or genetic studies.


Radiologists use x-ray machines and other imaging equipment to look for any concerns inside the human body. While radiologists are doctors who must go to medical school, you can get a radiation therapy degree and be qualified for entry level radiation therapy jobs. Learning how to use the different types of radiation equipment properly is necessary to identify problems like bone fractures, abnormal growths, and organ damage. Radiologists are even sometimes needed to use their imaging equipment when surgical procedures are performed. It is also important for radiologists to learn how to use radiation guards properly to prevent high levels of radiation exposure to patients while the imaging equipment is being used.

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Occupational Therapist

Occupational therapists help give patients the power to perform everyday tasks with less difficulty. With highly attentive therapy, patients learn how to improve their motor skills and cognitive abilities. Occupational therapists can also help people learn how to use mobility aids to make moving around easier. These professionals often choose to work in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or in patients’ homes.

The medical field has many in-demand careers that allow people to change patients’ lives for the better. By obtaining the right skills and fulfilling the education requirements, anyone can fill one of these positions and start helping people live better lives.