As a parent, you want your children to be in the best health possible. Proper tooth care is a must. You should get them started at as early of an age as possible. Here are ten toddler tooth care tips to try.

Terrific Toddler Teeth Ten Toddler Toothcare Tips to Try

Teach Them about Their Teeth

Your toddler might be too young to appreciate the value of their teeth, but you can help them. Show them how their teeth help them to eat and smile and that they need to be given the proper care.

Show Them How You Brush

Brushing your teeth is a must for proper tooth care. You shouldn’t just teach your toddler how to brush, you should also show them how you yourself do it.

Teach Flossing

While flossing doesn’t need to be started until your toddler’s teeth start coming together, it should be started when that starts happening. You might need to hold the floss for them, in order to ensure they don’t choke on the floss.

Remind Them Regularly

Toddlers need guidance in order to keep up habits. Ask them about brushing their teeth and flossing on a regular basis. After some time, they’ll get used to doing it on their own.

Show Them the Consequences of Not Taking Care of Teeth

Let your toddler know that if they don’t take care of their teeth, they could become damaged or fall out. You might show them pictures (such as cartoons) for a strong visual example.

Positive Reinforcement

While you shouldn’t reward your toddler just for every time they brush their teeth or floss, it’s nice to give them some token of appreciation for keeping up a regular tooth care practice.

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Make It Fun

Your toddler might drag their feet when it comes to brushing. So, you can make it more fun through things like specially-designed games and songs to make them enjoy it.

Give Them Responsibility

The older children become, the more they want to feel independent and mature. When you realize your toddler is old enough to brush and floss themselves, you should tell them you trust them to do so.

Compliment Their Smile

Proper tooth care will give your toddler a great smile, and you should tell them how good theirs is.

 Take Them to the Dentist

A positive relationship with a dentist like Blue Apple Dental or someone similar is a great way to really make your children understand the importance of proper tooth care.

We hope this has given you a great idea of how to teach tooth care to your toddler. By leading by example and telling them about the importance of tooth care, you can make your toddler’s teeth look great.