When you have just experienced the end of an important romantic relationship, you could feel devastated and unable to go about your normal activities because of the sadness and hurt. There are a few things that you can do that will not be healthy. You want to avoid burying your feelings, rushing into a new relationship, and maintaining daily contact with the person who is no longer attached to you. You can empower yourself to heal and to form new friendships with these tips as a guide:

Get into a regular exercise program

This is a tough one for some guys because their romantic partner was their workout buddy. You might even end up changing gyms for a while or going at a different time to avoid running into your ex. When you do regular exercise, you can relieve stress and strengthen your body’s physical condition. You can also burn extra calories and feel that you’re improving yourself. Seeing new results in how you look and feel is a great confidence booster. The gym is also a great place to meet new people and plan activities that don’t involve your ex.

Find time to meditate and refocus your mind away from your ex

People who have experience with meditation know it’s the perfect way to relieve stress or tension at any time. You can use meditation to focus on a single positive thought, such as “I am lovable” or “I will find a new relationship and be happy.” This kind of positive self-talk can help you not focus on negative thinking related to failing in a relationship or to not being worthy of future happiness.

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Start taking a dietary supplement that helps you stabilize your mood

An herbal supplement is a low-cost way to improve your mood without the side effects of prescription antidepressants. Try something like St. John’s Wort or Passionflower. You can talk to your doctor first if you’re worried that an herb will interact with your other medications. Natural supplements and a healthy diet are a better way to lean when one goes through a hard time. It may be tempting to turn to alcohol, but self-medicating with alcohol can lead to abuse, drunk driving and the last thing you want is to drive under the influence and end up needing assistance from a  dwi lawyer.

Talk to a counselor or a friend who doesn’t know your ex

Find a sounding board, a living person, whom you can approach when feeling overwhelmed with feelings such as sadness or grief. Some people will also choose a breakup as a good time to get a pet, to find a roommate, or to go live closer to their family or close friends.

Whenever you go through a breakup, which can be very emotional for some guys, understand that you’re closing one chapter and starting a new chapter. It’s all part of the process of developing and learning from romantic relationships.