well toned chest

Building a stronger chest can take a lot of work- if you are doing the wrong exercises and repetitions. If you want to hit your target muscles accurately and build a stronger chest without having to rely on complicated gym equipment or spend too much time on it, a pull up bar can be one of your best investments.

As a guide, here are 5 pull up bar workouts you can do to get that well-toned chest you’ve always wanted.

1. Hanging

If you are new to using pull up bars, this exercise is one of the best ways to start. It’s straightforward and doesn’t involve any complex movements. You just have to install the pull up bar at the right height to get the most out of the exercise.

The hanging exercise can build up the upper body strength you need to do a complete pull up. You can start out by hanging on the pull bar for a couple of seconds and then try to lift yourself up little by little. You can start with 10 seconds and work your way into increasing the time as you develop more strength.

To add more resistance, you should keep your elbows bent throughout the exercise or you can change the placement and direction of your hands. You can also challenge yourself by adding weights on your hips or feet.

2. Basic pull up

To perform the basic pull up exercise, you need to jump up to the bar and take a strong grip on it. Lift your body by bending your knees. Your palms must be facing away from you and they should be shoulder-width apart.

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Once stable, take a deep breath out as you lift your body off of the floor and above the bar. Hold the position for a few seconds before lowering yourself back to a hanging position. If you can do a complete pull up, you can try doing chin ups instead.

3. Wide-arm pull up

Once you are able to perform the basic pull up with ease, you can make your routine more challenging by placing your hands about a yard apart. This increase in distance will put more tension on your upper chest and arms so make sure you take your time in performing each pull up. Do not rush the process as it can only put you at an increased risk for injuries.

4. One-arm pull up

The one-arm pull up is a very difficult pull up bar routine. Your dominant arm needs to be strong enough to be able to support your entire weight when lifting up the bar. If you know you haven’t built the strength yet, do not attempt to perform this exercise as it can potentially result in elbow tendonitis and shoulder pain.

5. Kipping pull up

Kipping pull up is a more technical and difficult move than your regular pull up exercise. It requires momentum and the right technical move to greatly work on your chest and upper body strength.

If you haven’t purchased your own pull up bar yet, it’s a good idea to invest in one that has a multipurpose design and offers versatility. You can buy a barbarian extreme door bar and install it in any area of your home that has a doorway.

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For the kipping pull up, use an overhand grip and place your hands at shoulder-width apart on the bar. Build momentum by pulling your legs back so that they create an arch along with your body. From that position, pull your legs forward into a swing. Your momentum should be strong enough to lift your legs and body up the bar with each swing.