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If you’ve been feeling down for a while or have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, it’s critical that you consider lifestyle changes to help with your recovery. One factor you should always be aware of is environmental. Once you’re aware of anything in your environment that is detrimental to your mental health or could improve it, it’s time to act. Read on to find out four home environment changes that can drastically help your mental health.

1. Change It Up

Being stuck in the same place day after day, particularly if it’s gloomy or not to your liking, can leave you feeling down. If your mental health is at stake, definitely consider making preferred physical changes to your living space. For example, replacing old, worn siding with long-lasting, durable vinyl, like the products offered by Four Seasons Home Products, will make your home look nice while reducing the need for tiring maintenance. Letting in more natural light also has been shown to decrease depressive symptoms.

2. Keep It Clean

Especially if dust or other common household allergens irritate you, thoroughly cleaning out your living space can improve your mental health by improving your physical health. After all, when you feel crummy physically, you’re much more likely to feel crummy mentally. Throwing out clutter can also help, as it can form a vicious cycle with depression and anxiety. A clean living space makes you feel accomplished and organized, which boosts self-esteem.

3. Add Plants

Being around plants has been shown to reduce stress and lower anxiety levels. They provide fresh oxygen and remove contaminants from the air. They’re also aesthetically pleasing to look at and serve to improve perceptions of the space they inhabit.Consider adding a plant or two to your environment and see if it has a positive impact. If anything it will be a nice addition to your home, and it will give you something to be responsible for and take care of.

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4. Removing Toxic People

Toxic relationships can wreak havoc on your mental health. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy or possible to kick out a toxic person who is living with you or move out yourself. But if it’s at all possible, you should strive to cut toxic relationships out of your life. Strive to have relationships that are positive and uplifting and help you become a better person.

You should always take your mental health just as seriously as your physical health. Environmental factors have been shown to have a significant influence on mental health, many of which are within your control. By making an effort to change your living space, you can significantly improve your mental health. These four home environment changes should give your mental health a boost, though always seek professional help if you need it.