A hot tub in the backyard is a luxury that many people dream about as they invest in a property. The warm water coupled with the bubbly sounds are enough to relax you right now. There are many benefits to owning and soaking in your hot tub when you break down the science behind the heat. Get to know the health benefits behind these sessions so that you can start your hot-tub habit today.

Relax the Muscles

The most obvious benefit to regular, hot-tub sessions is relaxing the muscles. Spas often reach temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Because these temperatures are well above your core temperature, the muscles relax as if they’re under the influence of heating pads. You’ll feel more flexible as the muscles stretch into their anatomically correct positions. These muscles don’t have to be submerged in the water either. Your body temperature rises as you sit in the tub so every muscle will eventually relax.

Taking Time Out for You

An indirect benefit to hot-tub sessions is the mental influence. You have no other tasks to complete when you’re in a hot tub. It’s essentially a timeout session for your mind and body. By thinking about nothing but the warm water, your mind drifts away to calming situations. Reducing stress is an incredibly important benefit because it affects every body system when life overwhelms you each day. Make regular, hot-tub sessions a habit to see your stress levels drop.

Spa Cleaners

Spa chemicals are a required part of your system so that the water is always clean and sanitary. You don’t have to pick spa chemicals that are outdated or smelly either. Consider the newest cleaners on the market. These products have all of their ingredients listed in great detail so that you know what your skin is being exposed to with each soaking. If you’re sensitive to any ingredients, you can be sure to pick the products that omit certain cleaners.

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Reduce Blood Pressure

Your body has an amazing ability to adjust to nearly any situation. As you sit down in the hot tub, your body tries to cool itself. Your blood vessels dilate or enlarge. This cooling process also improves your blood pressure. There are no constricted vessels so the blood moves freely through the tissues. Try to limit your sessions to 20- or 30-minute increments so that the cardiovascular effects remain healthy and positive.

Improve Joint Movement

The warm water and buoyancy offered by hot tubs allows your joints to feel comfortable. If you suffer from any joint damage, regular soakings will be your painkiller of choice. In fact, arthritis is an ailment that’s easily treated with warm-water soaks. The muscles surrounding the joints will loosen as the bones move easily both during and after the soaking session. Keep your head above water as you allow all of your limbs to enjoy the hot soaking.

Encourage Rest

If you have problems with falling asleep at night, it’s time to take a serious look at hot-tub sessions. Take a dip several hours before your bedtime. The after effects of the warm water will lull you to sleep. The tension within your body seems to disappear so that a good night’s rest is possible. Don’t hop in the water right before bed, however. You’ll be too stimulated immediately afterward to fall asleep.

The health benefits associated with hot tubs are quickly negated when their care is constantly overlooked. Treat your hot tub just like a swimming pool with regular visits by the professionals. Because hot tubs are so small, professional appointments are relatively affordable. You’ll have no worries about the tub as you hop in after work or school each day.

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