4 Injuries to Watch for After Your Auto Accident

An auto accident can lead to one of the most trying periods of your life. This is true for both the parties involved and their family members. The financial strain to cover the medical costs, to hire the services of an attorney and to settle with the injured parties is further compounded by the mental torture that is sure to follow. Injuries that happen after an auto accident may be noticed at the scene of the crime and some may not be noticed unless a medical examination has been conducted. While the injuries vary based on the type of auto accident, there are common ones.

What Injuries Should I Watch out for?

A car accident is complicated especially in terms of receiving settlement. Be sure to hire the services of a qualified and competent, one that analyzes all the details of the accident and is keen to ensure that you receive a settlement that takes care of your future. The focus should be directed to the healing and recovery. Be keen to watch out for the following injuries.

Brain Trauma and Head Injuries

This common injury can range from the driver and the passengers sustaining concussions to traumatic brain injuries. Make sure that even when there are no physical signs such as bruises you get a medical examination as soon as possible. Always have your seat belt on to mitigate the effect of the car accident impact.

Neck Injuries

This is a common injury that has the potential of being fatal if not checked. The neck might sustain whiplashes and other forms of neck strains. In severe cases, cervical radiculopathy and severing of the discs occurs. The solution is to remain still after an accident as much as possible to avoid aggravating such neck injuries. Seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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Back Issues

Back injuries may range from simple sprains to life changing spine fractures. Be sure to remain still and wait for medical assistance. Back injuries can become chronic conditions that require life-long treatment. If you suspect you’ve incurred back damage, be sure to see a specialist and retain all medical documents as proof of your injuries.

Facial Damage

Face injuries can result from the windshield shattering, the impact of the airbag or sinking in the steer wheel. Always take all cautionary measures such as having the seat belt on. If you sustain serious facial injuries and weren’t liable for the accident, you may be entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

After seeking medical attention and ensuring that your health is secure, you should seek legal assistance as soon as possible. This will settle all the claims that will be associated with the car accident that you were involved in. Seek a long term solution for the injuries and recovery of the losses.