For every expectant woman, the safety of her unborn child is always a top priority. This concern exists even among surrounding family members, both nuclear and extended. It’s always a joy to see the nine months progress successfully until childbirth. So, if you are pregnant or concerned about an expectant family member, here are some of the steps that should be taken in order to safeguard the health of both the mother and baby:

  1. Healthy eating

You are a product of what you eat, hence you should seek to maintain an adequate, well-balanced diet at all times. This includes having enough fruits and vegetables, eating only the recommended amounts of proteins, adequate carbohydrates and lots of fiber with plenty of water. While you are at it, be sure to consult with your gynecologist on when and how to take the necessary supplements such as folic acid and vitamin D to boost the development of your baby. To help you maintain your commitment, make a checklist for every meal you have and ask someone to keep you accountable, even when junk food cravings seem to get the best of you.

  1. Exercise is important

From something as basic as a daily stroll to something more involving like swimming and yoga, regular exercise is really important for you and your unborn child. Following the extra weight and strain that comes with pregnancy, exercise ensures that the strain is countered and the weight is balanced. It also helps in maintaining an appropriate blood pressure and heart rate while decreasing the risk of pregnancy-associated obesity. It is important, however, to avoid over-indulging in exercise as it could harm your unborn child. Consult your physician on the appropriate exercises that are safe for you to perform.

  1. Avoid drugs and alcohol
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Whenever you take drugs and alcohol, it quickly diffuses via the placenta to the unborn child, thereby causing adverse effects. It could result in miscarriages during the first trimester and even hinder the growth of your baby. According to research, expectant women who indulge in alcohol during their pregnancies have been observed to deliver children with fetal alcohol syndrome. This is associated with numerous symptoms such as low mental ability and other abnormalities.

  1. Avoid any and all environmental hazards

X-ray emissions and toxic chemicals are known to cause major malformations during pregnancy. Always inform your physicians before taking any scans at the hospital. Avoid contact with harmful chemicals, whether at work or in any everyday products that you use. You might also want to consider drinking only purified water. It’s not enough for your water to appear clear but rather, it needs to be truly toxin-free. Water sourced from contaminated wells and most piped water contains toxins and harmful chemicals such as chlorine. To ensure you drink chemical-free water, invest in a whole-house water purifier for your home. There are various water filtration systems in the market, and if you are looking for an alternative to aquasana, then you can find excellent whole-house water filtration systems at They have the best products at an affordable price.