Sometime when we see a healthy person and we come to know that he wants to loss his weight so we start giving him advises. We know advises feel so irritating when we want to lose our weight. But don’t worry here it’s a great health chart  to make you feel Lightly, Lively and Fresh and they are so called “Diet Control food” (you do workouts and leave your high calorie favorite foods) Because Treatment is also by some other things. I have mentioned some steps for you here.

1 – Therapy by Food

Healthy FoodEat as much that there will be enough space as in don’t eat too much. Calculate with a calorie counter how much you have actually been eaten a day and see why you are as fast as you are. Eat less junk food (yes, less, you can still eat junk, just limit yourself for once), drink less fizzy drinks, eat less food in general.

2 – Therapy by Exercise

Do some light weight loss exercises at least 3 days a week, do pushups, lay on the ground then sit and try touching your feet without bending your legs and then lastly pretend like sitting on a chair for five minutes, you can then in the same position move up and down. I am damn sure you will going lose much calories and you will look even younger and smarter than your original age. You should do yoga for 45 min and you will become slim in 2 months.

Therapy by ExerciseThe author of Venus Factor Review specially quote for his followers that if you are exercising and you are wondering why you can’t lose weight, it is not the program or diet’s fault, you just can’t commit to the lower calorie count that you require.

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3 – Therapy by Water

Yes, water! If you drink a glass of water before food that will maintain your balance. Balance in a sense that whatever you want to eat, you will not eat as much because water will make you feel that you have not to eat much.  Drink 10 lbs of water a day, do cardio for 30 min. You just follow this procedure for a month and you will lose weight incredibly.

water-during-exercise4 – Therapy by Music

Yes you have heard right. Wait why do you laugh? OK, just try once that I am going to tell you. You can choose some dance steps that will make your weight lost soon.

Sure you can’t do this all the time, but just pick up one thing rather than doing all because it is not a punishment for you. Hope fully you liked. So now you know how to lose weight fast, so make sure you do it rightly.