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Drug and alcohol use is becoming a common issue among teens. This growth phase comes with a lot of challenges and curiosity. Without concern and care, one can turn to the ditch of drug use. In essence, many people dealing with addiction problems get on board during their teenage.

But as a parent, you can save your children from getting into such ditches. Your teenager has no specific reason for using drugs. For instance, they do not face stressful aspects that force adults to use alcohol or other drugs. So, what are the triggers that can lead your teens to drug and alcohol use? Here are 4 of them:

Lack of communication about drugs

Some parents do not see the essence of teaching their teens about drugs and alcohol. They leave the work to the teachers and society. With their curiosity, teens start trying drugs and become regular users with time.

Information is power, and this does not change in drug and substance use. As a parent, you have to inform your teens about drugs. Let them know the impact of each drug and alcohol on their health and future relationships. This way, you will save them from getting into alcohol and drug use.

Peer and media influence

“Monkey see monkey do” is the way of life for many teenagers. These young adults are in the transition phase where they want to behave maturely. If the people surrounding them are on drugs and alcohol, the youths are likely to follow suit. To them, how these adults behave is how everyone should do.

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Also, media is a great trigger on making teens to become drug users. When you consult teen drug rehabs such as the Pacific Teen Treatment, they will tell you that many media has a hand in this problem.

Many teens get into addiction problems as they try to copy the celebrities they watch on TV and in movies. So, if you want to rescue your teen from such aspects, ensure you know where they are and what they are watching.


Can your teen spend time alone without suffering from boredom? For many teens, this is impossible. A good number of teens find it hard to spend time alone unoccupied. They feel bored and lonely.

To deal with this issue, they keep themselves busy with drugs or alcohol that give them a good feeling. So, if you notice that your teen gets bored when alone, find a way of ensuring they stay occupied to save them from drug problems.

Wrapping up

In a word, your teenager is the hope of your future. You need to take care of them and ensure they do not fall into the drug and alcohol use problem. However, to achieve this goal, you must be aware of the possible triggers.

Knowing the issues that can lead your teenagers to drugs and alcohol use can enable you to develop a strategy of preventing it. For this reason, paying attention to the above aspects can save your teens from the problem.